A New Amalgam Universe

A list of combos used in the continuing fan-fiction.

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Posted by tamabone

Ok so your combining them together.  What's the amalgamated character called?
Posted by GR2Blackout

I'll ad that

Edited by TheCannon

Nice. Can you add Hippodin? Combo of Odin and Hippolyta.

Posted by GR2Blackout

Got it. I'll eventually add everyone.

Posted by TheCannon

The name of the Amazons/Asgard combo are the Amagardians. Also, the combo of the Justice League and Avengers is called the Justice League Avengers, not Justice League of Avengers.

Edited by TheCannon

Hate to keep bothering you, but maybe you should take Platinum Man and John Strange off of here. They are now non canon and are not part of the main stream continuity.

Also, it's Purple Hatter, not Mad Man.

Posted by Chaos38

I think Ms. Wonder(Wonder Woman-Ms. Marvel) and Thunderer(Thor-Captain Marvel) would have been better. P.S Most of these don't even make any sense, Stop combinding characters who have nothing in common!