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Squid Boy would murder that wuss.

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Um... who?

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[reads title]

[slowly backs out of battles forum]

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A person! What do I win?

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So this whole tread is just a lesson on spoilers? I don't really get it..

Spoiler warnings should be used so the surprise on recent events aren't lost for those who haven't read about those events... A few days ago, I had NO IDEA that Damian Wayne had died... Then, while looking at the threads listed in the general forum, i noticed two with titles like "Was Damian Wayne the best Robin?" and "I miss Damien already." Now, I don't read every single news article that comes out on comic book characters. The news about Damian was apparently posted somewhere online around Feb. 25th, but I had not read it. Many people had not read it... But the leg humpers in here are making furn of me because I had not heard that Damian Wayne had been killed. The irony is that some of them are telling ME to get a life.... They have their noses glued to the internet perusing for the latest articles on Damian Wayne, whereas I traveled with my wife and daughters.... and they tell ME I should get a life... The leg humpers in here that are making fun of me for not having heard the news about Damian Wayne are saying they refuse to use spoiler warnings for things that THEY know about... I can't make them understand that Spoiler Warnings exists because no ONE comic book reader can know what EVERY other comic book reader has or has not read... They claim some sort of omniscience which allows them to know EVERYTHING EVERYONE else has read and seen....

Too long, didn't read.

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I would get tranquilizer darts, lock them up, and brainwash them to use their abilities for the good of the world... okay, okay, I'd brainwash them to be my personal butlers/maids who have to do everything I say... or else...

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Hulk would be good villain. I mean, Hulk am so strong, Hulk came close to destroying Earth one time. Hulk think Hulk could make great villain. Hulk no want to be, but if Hulk were to be one, Hulk would be a great one.

Brawn without brains is rarely a danger. Even when brains are replaced with savagery. Look at most bad guys who have a great deal of strength but no brains to back it up: Juggernaut, Rhino, Killer Croc, Bizarro, etc. Very strong, but no intellect to guide the strength where it's a true asset. Yes, you could cause a great deal of damage when properly angered, you could even destroy the world if angered enough. But that's ALL you could do. You couldn't conquer it. You couldn't even really do anything that would be called especially evil: Is an animal evil when it kills something weaker than it? Or perhaps more accurate: Is a child evil for throwing a tantrum? You wouldn't be a villain, you'd be an animal. A monster. Savagely striking out at whatever's in your way, regardless of consequences.

Of course, that's talking about the Hulk persona you choose to employ at the moment: The Savage Hulk.

Now if we're talking the Devil Hulk? That's a very different story.

Wow. That pretty deep in depth look. Hulk impressed. OK OK. Let Hulk think...what about Green Lantern? Would he conquer Earth if he wanted to?

If he was a Marvel character.

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$-Men Wastes of Money: Hugh Jackman (or as Fox claims that it's called, "X-Men Origins: Wolverine")

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So this whole tread is just a lesson on spoilers? I don't really get it..

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@rolldestroyer: You know what? I'm done. TOAA is actually a hero, you are just annoying me, and this argument is just stupid. Goodbye.