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Cool story!

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Maybe more villains... like for Speed Demon... how about Coldheart... Captain Cold and Blackheart?

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They should leave out any trace of Marvel and DC existing in Amalgam. Everyone should be an Amalgam, (have you seen Spider-Boy? That comic had Doc Ock, Curt Connors, General Ross... combined with Uncle Ben... UGH!) and no "Doctor Doomsday trying to take over both multiverses"... that X-Patrol comic sucked IMO.

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Not bad, not bad! It's one of the best fan-fics on the entire site... IMO

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@DickGrayson: thanks, then you'd like issue 2, Ego-Maniac's revenge!

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I'm working on a new fan-fic that might get TMNT back on track after the new of Michael Bay's upcoming monstrosity.

Heres a quick peak at Chapter 1...



At one pet store, 4 turtles' lives will be changed forever...

And THATS all I got... so far. It focuses on the Turtles arriving in NY (or where ever the heck they live) and train by there selves to save there master from the Foot Clan. It takes elements from the TMNT movie, and some from the "Dawn of the Ninja" online comic.

(To read "Dawn of the Ninja", follow this link:

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The link to S.F. Ish 2 doesn't work. Same with Ish 1.

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Each S.F. ish will have chapters in it.

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Frost Lord


In the depths of Ego-Maniac, space tyrant Frost Lord makes a deal he will soon regret.

"So, if I don't kill the silver one?" asked Frost Lord.

"You will suffer...", boomed Ego-Maniac, "And I will find a new space tyrant, hmm, perhaps Doctor Doomsday?"

"Not him!" yelled Frost Lord.

"Then get started with your mission," said a guard, who popped out of nowhere, "Do not waste Ego-Maniac's time."

F.L. laughed evilly, and flew off.


In space, Barry wakes from his deep slumber.

"Grodd? Sela?", said the confused herald, "Anybody? Oh, forgot, I'm alone."

Just then, Barry realized... he wasn't.

"GOOD MORNING, SUNSHINE!" yelled the evil Frost Lord.

"Who are you?" asked Barry.

"Your cold, cold death!" said F.L.

"Doesn't sound so good...", said Barry, slowly grabbing his surfboard, "So, bring it, cold death!"

"That's just an alias", said the freezing cold tyrant, "Call me... FROST LORD!"

Barry hit F.L. upside the head with his surfboard.

"AARGH!" yelled Frost Lord in pain.

Frost Lord kicked Barry in the gut, then froze him in a block of ice with his "Freeze Gauntlet", then punched the ice-cube, sending it flying off into space... with Barry in it.


Frost Lord returned to Ego-Maniac to recieve his pay... the rightful place as over-lord of Ego-Maniac!

"I don't think so..." said Ego-Maniac.

"What do you mean," shouted F.L., "I got rid of the silver one!"

"Oh, did y..."

The Guard

Before Ego-Maniac could finish his sentence, Barry, who had escaped the now melted ice-block, came crashing in.

"GET OUT OF HERE," yelled the guard, "BOTH OF YOU INTRUDERS!"

"Intruder?" asked F.L., baffled.

The Guard let out an Ego-Maniacian battle cry, and charged at Barry.

"What are you saying", asked Barry, "'30% off on all Ego-Maniacian shampoos'?"

Barry dodged the attack, and The Guard ran into Ego-Maniac's energy core, where all the planet's power comes from, and burned to death, screaming in pain.

"1 down...", said Barry, "...And 1 more STOOGE to go!"

Barry pointed at F.L., then accidentally blasted a huge, purple "ray" at Frost Lord, shooting him off into Ego-Maniac's sun, and was seemingly destroyed, although he was never quite thought of as dead.

"Good", said Ego-Maniac, "THOSE two are gone!"

"Oops", said Barry, "Forgot the 3rd stooge!"

Ego-Maniac chuckled, then smiled evilly.

"I'll let you go", said Ego-Maniac, "My revenge will wait."

"Whatever", said Barry, "I still need help if I am to take on a whole planet, anyway."

Barry grabbed his surfboard and flew off.


(Silver Surfer, Thanos, and Ego The Living Planet are trademarks of Marvel Comics. The Flash, Captain Cold, and Pied Piper are trademarks of DC Comics. Silver Flash, Frost Lord, Ego-Maniac & his Guards are all my ideas, however, and are also trademark's of The New Amalgam Universe)

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@PrinceIMC: I already called Captain Aqua! I PM'd The Cannon back when I couldn't post anything.