What Should Happen In Avengers 2?

Hey, guys. What do you think should happen in Avengers 2?

Well, heres the top 4 things that MIGHT happen.

1: You-Know-Who!

This is the most obvious thing. As we all know, Thanos was in the ending credits scene. So, logically, he will appear in the sequel. But we still dont know if it will have anything to do with the item briefly seen in Thor.

2: Loki's Revenge?

Honestly, this is one of the least likely things. In superhero movies, the villains of the last movie usually dont return. But, of course, Lex Luthor did star in every Superman movie. Lets not forget how Scarecrow got at least a cameo in every one of Nolan's Batman film. Loki might get a cameo, but not likely.

3: The Item

As I said before, Thanos was in the Avengers. He's probably gonna star in Avengers 2, and the Infinity Gauntlet was shown in Thor. Maybe it'll be based off of the Infinity Gauntlet event. Probably not, but its a possibility.

4: The Space Phantom

Since Loki was in Avengers, and he was the first villain the Avengers fought in the comics, its possible for Space Phantom to appear. Probably not, but he might. Space Phantom was the cosmic imp-like guy who fought the Avengers. He was the second villain the Avengers fought in the comics, but with you-know-who in the end-credits scene the possibility of the Space Phantom is at an all-time low. Space Phantom was never really that popular anyways, so...

Posted by Onemoreposter

I want to see Thanos. Also, Lex wasn't in Superman three.

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I'm assuming it is going to be based around the Infinity Saga. I really don't know much about Thanos other then that he used the Infinity Gauntlet. If the Gauntlet as was in the Asgardian vault then maybe we'll get a better idea of what's going to happen after they come out with Thor 2

Posted by Dayvid3

If it's Thanos, I'd like him to get some facetime/development. He's interesting. I hope he's not some imposing 2d over the top talking head. Maybe some second bad guy to double cross him, go all royal rumble and avengers take advantage and slip in with some heroics. I'm no writer so who knows? I hope we see some horsepower in the defeat, not just some iron man wizardy. I'm all for brains winning the day, but c'mon...superpowers.