"The Mask" Reboot

I hope they make one. I already have an idea for it:

  • VILLAIN: Walter. Why? Walter is the Mask's most dangerous enemy. And his biggest foe. Walter is the Green Goblin to the Mask's Spider-Man!
  • MASK: Ipkiss. Why? I always liked Ipkiss as the Mask, and, while there IS a lot better choices, he was the one in the first movie, and he's the most well-known Mask, so, logically, it's gotta be him.
  • SUPPORTING CHARACTERS: Lt. Kellaway and Kathy. Why? Kathy was a big supporting character for a while and even was The Mask for a little bit. Kellaway is the police guy, and The Mask has just GOT to run into trouble with the police. Am I right?
  • OTHER STUFF: They should refer to him as "Big Head", like in the comics. He should be a serial killer, like in the comics. Maybe the sequel could be based off The Mask Strikes Back or something? Oh, yeah... and I'd also enjoy a spin-off based off of Walter: Campaign of Terror.
Posted by AJMoreno91

I have been a big fan of the mask ever since I watched the movie when I was 5 years old, then when I read the comics when I was 15. So a Mask Reboot would be awesome!