Tarantula-Man (An idea of mine)

An evil version of Spider-Man from an alternate reality.

NOTE: I do not own this image. I did not make it.

Peter Parker was a bullied teenager. When he got bit by the radioactive spider, he decided to use his powers to kill those who picked on him before. As Tarantula-Man, he became one of the most evil villains ever. Some heroes tried to stop him, but never good. His greatest challenge were the Supreme Six, a team of the heroes who challenged him in the past. Tarantula-Man went on to join other villains on the evil team known as the "Terrorists".


  • Emerald Elf (Green Goblin)
  • Professor Squid (Dr. Octopus)
  • Antidote (Venom)
  • Dustman (Sandman)
  • The Salamander (The Lizard)
  • The Condor (The Vulture)
  • The Ram (The Rhino)
  • Spark (Electro)
  • currently unnamed (Carnage)
  • Magician (Mysterio)
  • Zapper (Shocker)
  • The Hornet (The Scorpion)
  • Kravenoff The Soldier (Kraven The Hunter)
  • Dwarf (Hobgoblin)
  • Red Fox (Black Cat)
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Lol I love these ideas (however there is already a Spider-Man villain called Tarantula so I suggest another name: Spider-Soldier, Arachnid, The Dark Spider, The Savage Spider, or just Spider-Man.)

I've got a backstory for this character of yours if you don't mind:

In a world without Uncle Ben or Aunt May, Peter Parker is sent to a home for boys where he has a cruel childhood. He learns no morals or responsibility, but only spiteful humiliation and loneliness. All the boys make fun of him for having no parents, being nerdy, and hurt him physically and mentally. He was roomed with Cletus Kasady: a older child who told him "Life is a cruel joke". Peter, wouldn't believe it so much, but it was a quote that would stay with him along with the cruel memories that would haunt his nightmares. When no one adopts him at 14, he feels no one cares for him and attempts suicide "Cletus really was right" he said as he moved closer to the edge. He would only be stopped by his one friend: the custodian, who tells him that someone has finally adopted him: Norman Osborn. Peter, accepts and Osborn sends him to Midtown High School with his now brother Harry. Harry is horribly jealous of Peter during this time, as he feels his father adopted Peter because he never loved him. Norman always congratulated Peter on his grades, seeing him as Oscorp's future, which Peter didn't care for as much as he would because his bad life in school overshadowed his achievements. Nonetheless, Norman was the only light Peter had in his life for a while. Later Gwen, an admirer of his in science class would also become a light, stopping him from changing schools and becoming his girlfriend. At home, Harry was constantly yelled at by Norman for his failure in school, Peter sometimes asked him if he needed help, only to be met with jealous hatred. Peter, wanting to be his friend and Harry trying to bring him down at every opportunity. Peter, never telling Norman out of pride but also out of understanding. When Peter got his powers, he instantly used them to bully back his bullies in school to impress Gwen, seriously injuring Flash Thompson. Norman scolded him about this. When Gwen turned her back on him for it, he tried to get her back, only to find that she began dating Harry. Peter was furious but held back, instead he took his anger out another way: by killing criminals on the streets. Soon he gained his title as a vigilante. The next year, when Norman turned in to the maniacal Green Goblin, him and Peter fought frequently. When Norman catches his son in his room, in his outfit (without Peter noticing) he realizes that he must stop. It takes all of his strength to calm his addiction to the formula. Peter, with nothing to take his aggression out on, punches through a wall out of frustration in school. Gwen sees this and knows he is Spider-Man. Peter goes over the deep end when Gwen states that she is scared of him and wont give in when he wants to go back together with her. He goes into his High School the next day in costume in a rage, killing some bullies. Norman sees him on the news and knows he must act quickly, still having love for his true son: Harry, and seeking to protect him and Gwen. He becomes the Goblin once more, but with a new formula, a non-addictive, working formula. He saves Harry but not Gwen, who is accidentally killed by Peter. Norman tries to show Peter his love, as his father. Peter stops, shocked that his father was the Goblin. But as he seems to be coming to his senses, blames Norman for Gwen's death, saying it was his fault he attacked the school because he stopped fighting him. Peter runs away, changing his whole identity and continuing to face his father, who now has a loving relationship with Harry who realizes that even though Norman failed to save Gwen, he still loves his son. The two become a duo in crime fighting. Harry is endlessly sorry for his aggression to Peter, but is obviously not forgiven by the now evil Wall Crawler.

What do you think? I think it'd be very interesting if Peter walked into a Universe like this, learned the importance of his aunt and uncle on his life, battled himself, met hero groups of villains he knew, and gained new insight coming out.

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@GR2Blackout: I like.

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@GR2Blackout: cool, nice work!

@SpidermanWins: awesome!

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@GR2Blackout: @SpidermanWins: You two should combine talents and write it up. It's a good idea and a nice backstaory you've got there

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"Kraven" is a play on "craven," which of course is "cowardly." I'd suggest your version be "Braven the Soldier," but that's just me. (Bumped this from just over a year ago- slowly making my way back to the present, y'all!)