Sudden Marvel NOW! Ideas

Reading the CheeseStabber's ideas I thought of one thing: Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions. Maybe this Marvel NOW thing is gonna have an effect ont eh ENITRE Marvel multiverse? And the Punisher-War thing could actually be something bigger, like an interdimensional crisis that changes the Marvel Multiverse for ever. Maybe all Punishers through out the multiverse would be collided into one crazy Punisher who thinks everyones a villain and wants to kill the entire multiverse of heroes? If so it would take everybody in the multiverse to stop the Ultra-Punisher. But then theres the whole thing going on with Ultron, so I'll ask one currently unanswered question: What does Ultron have to do with it? If its a multiverse-wide crisis wouldn't Kang make more sense? And then theres the whole thing with Nick Fury Jr. or whatever, the exact copy of Ultimate Nick Fury. Maybe S.H.I.E.L.D has only one hope to help with this all... ULTRON! And then theres Spidey's new partner, Alpha. And Minimum Carnage! Could it all be one event instead of several separate ones?

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Posted by andrewtheking