Video-Game Ideas #1

Welcome! My ideas for video-games are pretty cool sometimes. I have a bunch of ideas for super-hero video-games, so this time heres 2 that I like a LOT! I wanna know what you guys think about them.

Marvel and DC: All Access

An adaption of the Marvel Vs. DC story arch, with a twist.


This would be the game's main mode. It focuses on Superman confronting Darkseid in space. Darkseid threatens to use his new upgraded/advanced version of the Boom Tube, which is so powerful he could a open a portal that causes a rip in reality, letting all worlds leak into one. Meanwhile, in the next multiverse, Silver Surfer is confronting Galactus in outer space, and Galactone ans finally gives up, so he opens a new portal to go to the next multiverse where theres seemingly no heroes to stop him. Just then, Superman blasts Darkseid into the portal on accident the same time Silver Surfer blasts Galactus into the portal on accident. The two collapse in the middle and bond together, destroying the border between realities. The heroes confront there interdimensional counterparts (i.e. Spider-Man/Batman, Iron Man/Superman, Wonder Woman/Thor) and the heroes are as confused as possible. Access, an interdimensional being who makes sure the realities do not collide and are not aware of one another, comes to inform the what has happened. He says realities have collided, and they have to defeat Galactusied, which will result in the two becoming seperate again, and everything going back to normal and everybody forgetting the cross-over/apocalyptic crisis that has happened.


Any good cross-over game HAS to have a fight-mode, so I figured if you beat fight-mode you unlock the amalgam version of your character you beat it as as well as alternate costumes and there endings, so you can play as the amalgamations. The amalgamations get there own endings and amalgamations of there counterpart's alternate costumes. I guess stages would be places like Gotham City, Spider-Island, Stark Industries, The JLA Watch-Tower, Avengers Mansion, Atlantis (DC Version), Atlantis (Marvel Version), etc., etc.

Spider-Man: Ryker's Island

A Spider-Man version of Arkham Asylum.

For a main villain, I'm thinking someone powerful, popular, and somebody who can be considered as "dark" and "creepy". Someone like The Lizard or Hobgoblin. For minor villains in side-missions or just along the way to the boss, I picked Electro, Rhino, Vulture, you know. And, of course, it takes place on Ryker's Island, the asylum place or whatever.


Constantine 2 (A sequel to a crappy Vertigo Comics movie)

So, Constantine is back and searching for a lost man named Alec Holland, who went missing in the swamps. All of the sudden, Constantine gets attacked by Swamp-Thing, who just happens to be Holland. Now, Constantine has to find out how some normal guy was transformed into a living vegetable/muck monster. Also, Second of the Fallen has tracked down Constantine for some reason. I haven't done enough John Constantine research to come up with a good reason why. All I know is that the First of the Fallen was in the first Constantine, so the second should be in the second.

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Deadpool Movie

When is it fricking coming? My idea of it is simple: no Wolverine, Nick Fury, Avengers, blah, blah, blah. JUST Deadpool.

  • Villains - T-Ray
  • Heroes - Deadpool, Weasel
  • After Ending Credits: We see a labaratory where someone mumbles "WADE...."