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Eat THIS Haters! (Spoiler Free) 0

The New SpideySuperior Spider-man is here, and as you've heard, he's superior in every way. Lots of people have expressed their concerns for the new Spider-man direction. Don't let that turn you away! This is the most entertaining comic I've read all year!SPOILERS: Amazing Spider-man 700 is spoiled, not Superior Spider-man 1.The WritingThis issue's dialogue is my favorite (I was joking before) of all of the Spider-man comics I've read (I've read from 600 to 700). Dan Slott paces the writing perf...

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Secrets Revealed! (Spoiler Free) 0

This review is spoiler free, but at the end I reveal new developments in this arc.The WritingI'll admit, the previous two issues in The Death of the Family have been--slightly--dull. They introduce the Joker and the focus of this arc, but they are otherwise uneventful. Batman #15 is still low-on-action, high-on-conversation, but it's more engrossing than the past two issues. It delivers a lot of information, but it never slows down. Snyder doesn't waste a single word in this book. I notice that ...

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SPOILER FREEThis issue is great. That's all there is to say about it. It answers big questions from previous issues, and it sets the stage for issue 700. Although some might consider it a filler issue, it doesn't feel like it.The GoodThe focus of this issue is the big explanation. Lots of people have come close to predicting how the reveal in issue 698 happened, but I don't think anyone figured it out exactly. And even though I somewhat saw it coming, the Dan Slott's explanation is satisfying. I...

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A Comic? Or Something More? 0

Spoiler Alert: No promises that this review won't spoil the comic!About MeWhen I got into comics a few months ago, I immediately started reading Scott Snyder's story arc from Batman #1 to Batman #11. I ended up reading them out of order, but I was nonetheless amazed by the story. Now that I am actually reading his comics in order, his stories are infinitely better.My ImpressionsThis comic book is as close that literature comes to motion picture. The art, especially the paneling and flow of each ...

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A Book Review of a Comic 0

This story arc brought me into comics four or five months ago. I have always been a tremendous Batman fan, but I have never considered reading comics until now. I did not read the arc in a particularly correct order, and it has been quite a bit of time since I have read this issue, but I wish to give my opinion regardless.As I am new to comics, I am appalled at the literary quality of Scott Snyder's writing. As too much text in a comic is considered "wordy," it is difficult to make the writing p...

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