I'm a Fickle Fan

Whenever I read a new comic--especially one with good art--I latch onto the characters within it with an unnatural tenacity. My whole life, I've admired Batman. For a long time, I thought he was the greatest super hero because he could will himself to work out, train his mind, and fight bad guys. When I created my Comicvine profile, I even went as far as to make my username include "willpower," because I admired Batman's willpower so much. The Court of Owls, the story arc that brought me into comics, only furthered my enamor for Batman.

After getting into Batman comics, I tried reading Spider-man. Beginning with Big Time, I was surprised by my sudden infatuation with Spider-man. Not only was he powerful as a super hero, but he was relatable. I thought it was the best comic I'd ever read! I continued by purchasing Dan Slott's run all the way up to the present (besides Lizard's recent arc), along with getting my local library's edition of Ultimate Spider-man, Essential Spider-man, and the Clone Saga.

Subsequently, I heard Uncanny X-Force was ending soon. I'd heard Sarah (Comicvine editor) rave about it on podcasts, so I tried out the first issue. I thought it was alright, but then Batman #13 arrived. Once again, I became infatuated with Batman. I wanted to read the comic over and over, buy action figures, watch the animated series, watch the movies; I couldn't stop thinking about him! (I sound somewhat mentally deranged in the sentence before this one. Do not be alarmed: I am perfectly sane) But, in the month between issues, I inevitably had to pick up another comic.

This time, it was called Fantastic Four #1. What can I say? I had the same reaction as to Spider-man: "WOW! LOOK AT THE COSTUMES! THEY'RE SO COOL! OH, THEY'RE FIGHTING (insert interesting opponent). CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT! THAT'S NEW!" I practically ran to Comixology to purchase the first volume of Jonathan Hickman's FF.

After that, I remembered that Uncanny X-Force was still out there. I decided to try the rest of the first volume, just to see if I was missing something that I didn't catch in the first issue. OH MY GOD! I fell in love with Fantomex! (Clarification: I'm a heterosexual male, but I really liked his portrayal) Naturally, I purchased all of Rick Remender's run up to #34.

That was approximately two weeks ago. Later, when I had to visit my library to research a project, I drove over to my local comic shop to look at their comics. Ever since Marvel Now's Captain America debuted, I had been more interested in the character. I had seen the preview, and while some might not have liked the art, it fit my tastes. Yet, I hadn't bought the comic--I was catching up on X-Force. So, as I wound down from my obsession with Fantomex, I picked up Captain America #1. Yet again, I was amazed! I felt the need to read some of Cap's old trades, but decided against it (wallet trouble, y'know?).

So, finally, Batman #15 came out. Yikes! Greg Capullo's Bat-family was just too perfect! I liked his take on the Red Hood so much that I bought the first three issues of Red Hood and the Outlaws on Comixology. Not bad at all, but by this point I had realized how odd my taste in comics was. I managed to refrain from satisfying lust for comics.

Believe it or not, pretty soon I was looking at some of Valiant's comics. I started reading X-O Manowar's reboot, and when I got to #5, I once again picked up an addiction to a new character: Ninjak. I loved Valiant's reboot so much, I read Shadowman and Bloodshot (reboot version) up until now. I also purchased the ten Ninjak comics from the 90s available on Comixology. Now I am pitifully counting the hours until tomorrow morning when I can visit the comic store to check out Valiant. As you can see, I am obsessed with Ninjak, as I have my profile picture changed to his face.

Am I alone in this habitual cycle? Or do other people share my fickle tendencies?

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