Toughest Street Fighters in Comics

Dust your brass-knuckles off! It's time to go toe-to-toe with the best and most streetwise heroes and villains of them all!  But enough about lists that describing them, I say we should here from them ourselves!

List items

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Posted by xerox_kitty

Good to see that Batman is always #1


If you need more than just 10, you can always add characters like Luke Cage, Iron First & one of my favourite cheesy villains: Taskmaster ;)

Posted by Gothic Storm

I actually had Luke Cage on the list. I think I opted for Huntress just to balance out the sexes. I don't want a 'sausage-fest'.  *hint hint Josh Whedon!*

Posted by xerox_kitty

Fair enough... After all, it's more fun when the girls kick the boys arses ;)  Plus Huntress does look good when fighting crime!  It's always good to have some Birds of Prey.