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I always thought the issue of Wolverine where he chops his hair off and goes "undercover" was a big "shake your head" issue. The final straw was toward the end of the issue when Logan's hair begins growing back to it's "Wolvie" state... I mean REALLY?

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@TheMess1428: That is Henry McCoy aka Beast (as you know) and it actually shows a flash of him changing in the trailer. We knew him in the comics as a tough, ape-looking, jock before his "change".
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Is the guy in the very back of the Fantasticar Strong Guy aka Guido from X-factor fame? I've always liked Leech and it's great to see him fighting again.
I'm not going to say what I think the "rotating" emblems on the surviving F4 members remind me of. Still, why that particular shape? O.o

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Moon Knight needs to be solo. The Avengers already have tie-ins with several other series out there and really don't need anymore characters to bog them down. Besides, Moon Knight out on the streets alone makes for darker and more suspenseful stories. Yes, they can throw in a guest star every once in awhile, but you don't want the book to (as you said) fizzle out.

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I don't see Deadpool ever getting made without Reynolds, a HUGE fan of the comic book, there to guide them. Deadpool would easily be a larger hit than the Daredevil franchise... Well, in other words it would actually be a hit. 
My favorite movie franchise when I was a kid has a very weak future. Superman looks like it's headed down the Batman path with it's switching of actors every other movie...or every single movie. Yes, WB, we know that no actor in the world will ever be as good of a Superman as Christopher Reeves was. Just make up your minds and stick with one actor for at least 2 movies in a row! 
I don't know about you guys, but I really want to see Killer Croc in the next Batman movie. I know WB doesn't want to even touch the Joker character, but a Harley and Ivy movie would be pretty cool too.

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This is actually not a terrible show. I think the pilot ran a bit long and should have left the audience hanging. But let's face it, NBC is NOT the network for superhero shows. I actually think ABC's "No Ordinary Family" is better, but perhaps that's because it has almost an entire season head start on "The Cape". The world that "The Cape" is set in a pretty cool, but there needs to be some work done on the supporting cast. Summer Glau's character reminds me of a cross between DC's Oracle and the guy who was the brains behind Jessica Alba's character in the 90's FOX show "Dark Angel" (created by James Cameron). Anyone remember that show? NBC looks like they took a few ideas from that cult hit and ran with them.

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When I was a kid, we always made fun of the DC heroes' names. Names like Superman, Aquaman, Hawkman, Batman, and Wonderwoman... come on. They were just asking to be laughed at! Marvel isn't much better though with names like Spider-man and Wonderman. Anyone ever notice the alter-ego names? Both them and many supporting characters always seem to have first and last names that sound alike. Clark Kent...Lois Lane...Lana Lang...Peter Parker...J. Jonah Jameson...etc. Was there just a lack of creativity back in the 60's? Or did the creators just decide that names which sounded alike would be easier for kids to recognize and make them into everyday household names? I'm hoping it was the latter since I have tons of respect for those great creators. 
Still, DC will always be the little kids comic company for me. I guess it goes back to watching Superfriends, seeing Batman and Robin on Scooby Doo and how can we forget the classic Superman movies which catered straight to the kids (me being one of them)!

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@mr.obvious:  Shocking as it may seem, Velocity has been around the Image and Top Cow world since Marc Silvestri created her in 1992. She is certainly no lame rip-off of The Flash. Her age, personality, background story, hair color, skin color, "tatoo" on her face, costume, oh and the fact that she is a... well... "SHE" pretty much shuts that argument up. 
You as a DC fan are entitled to your own biased opinion though.
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I grew up going to Six Flags Over Georgia and the Batman Stunt Show from the 90s was incredible and loads of fun for all ages. If any of you ever saw it then you know what I'm talking about. 
As for the Spider-man musical, I was intrigued since I was a drama geek back in high school (as well as a basketball player, football player, baseball player, etc.). Anyway, from what I saw on 60 Minutes, the stunts where the guys fly out over the crowd (via the same cable system that's used in televised American football and some soccer) looked incredible. The singing might be a bit odd, but if you have never seen a musical then you are missing out. Yeah, call it gay or whatever you want, but try saying that after sitting in the front row and watching a Broadway production of 'Les Miserables'. There are some musicals that can get a bit corny, but all of you do know who is backing the music to this right? Bono and The Edge! 
And for the record, that Carnage costume looks awesome! 

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Did Power Girl really cook while wearing white... and while wearing a cape?!? Wow, she has some serious skills in the kitchen!
Seriously though, I'm tankful that my cancer is still in remission and that I still have great friends and family... including all of you here on Comic Vine!!!