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I am 6'4" and am part Cherokee Native American (my great-grandmother on my dad's side was full Cherokee). I am a Cancer survivor from 2006. I love life and am quite sarcastic at times... which can be annoying I know. My father died from colon cancer when I was 6. Laughter is what gets me through each and every day, but I can be serious when the need arises... No, seriously... I can! I was born in Ga. and currently live about 35 minutes from Atlanta. I love to write short stories, but am prone to writing long epics about my many characters as well. I write about everything from sci-fi to classic fantasy and even created my own superhero universe back in college. (my buddy and I had a crossover between our two universes which we called "Siege") ... Yeah, I know.  *Sigh* I still play Dungeons and Dragons with my friends every other Saturday and love it! (We have a blast!) Hey, don't knock D&D. Vin Diesel still plays it from time to time!
I adore comics. I grew up reading many titles from Marvel and DC. My favorites are the classic stories of the X-men (Chris Claremont) and the art of Jim Lee (X-men, Gen 13, etc...). I have met many artists, writers and actors. My late-wife and I had lunch with Kenny Baker and his wife at Dragon-con in Atlanta back in 2005. They are such great people and so kind-hearted! Meeting Jim Lee was a wonderful experience as well. He is a great family man and talented artist to say the least.
Growing up, my grandmother (on my mom's side) had an interesting cousin named Charlton Heston. I would see him at many family reunions and am obviously a big fan of his movies. I can remember being about 7 or 8 and my cousin asking him, "Uncle Charlie (nickname us kids had), why did you cuss in that movie? Did the ape make you angry?" The expression on his face was priceless my mom recalls. 
I love taking trips. I've been to Cancun and the Bahamas. I love going to Key West, Fl. and Monterey, Cal. Soon I'll be heading to Europe for a much needed vacation! I hope to visit the birthplace of my grandfather just outside London, England. I love taking pictures as well. My buddy, Martin Kucera, started a great website at floridalightning.com which needs a little updating I know! He has some of my photos there as well as many other "stormchasers" from around the state of Florida and the U.S.A.
If any of you ever want to just chat with me, you can usually find me here or at...

You can also email me at:  dominionstarcrye@gmail.com