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I can't see anyone but J.K. Simmons playing the role, he's like what Mark Hamill is to the Joker

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I like this idea, it's be nice to see bullock on the big screen, and Hardy could definitely deliver

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So here's how this is played, I'l start by putting a picture of a hero in this post, and one by one you'll put up a 1 character who is related to them in some way, a partner, a relative, a villain, a rival, a protege, a pet, or even a cross universe counterpart (Like DC vs Marvel).  Also, if we make it back to a character who was previously posted posted, the game resets, so try to look to see who is there, (note I'll probably make this mistake if the forum gets long enough, so don't feel bad about breaking the chain).  You may post more than once, but you must wait until at least 6 characters after your previous post.  Everyone got it, good, so let's start off with:

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@FadeToBlackBolt: I wouldn't count on huntress, it doesn't seem Nolan wants batman to have any costumed assistance, that wouldn't be "realistic", like falling from a 12 story building and not getting hurt, or "gritty", like a boat full of russian ballet dancers.  Ugh
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@LightBright: did you vote yet, or was that your vote?
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@Krakoa: was she a villain in the past like the other members?
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@brc2000: it hasn't really come up till this point, but since there's a separate villains list, disregard the villains thing, If this list works out I'll do the same for villains later
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We're back at it folks, try to get more people, more people = more fun.  The more you have, the better the chance your guy, or gal, will make it. It took Frank Castle a hell of a long tim to get on here... but who cares, Morph needs our votes!!!!

     Here's are the standings alphabetically, and by number of Votes

.                  Blue Beetle - Ted Kord     (4 votes) 

.                  Booster Gold    (3 votes)  

.                  Doctor Light - Kimiyo Hoshi      (3 votes)

.                  Psylocke      (3 votes)

.                  Colossus       (2 votes)

.                  Green Lantern - John Stewart    (2 votes)

.                  Moon Knight      (2 votes)

.                  Mon-El    (2 votes)  

.                  Morph     (2 votes)  

.                  Plastic Man       (2 votes)   

.                  Starman - Jack Knight    (2 votes)  

.                  Al Simmons

.                  Animal Man - Gar Logan 

.                  Black Cat

.                  Buffy

.                  Captain Comet

.                  Cosmic Boy Prime

.                  Crystal

.                  Devil Slayer

.                  Domino

.                  Dr. Fate – Kent Nelson

.                  Green Lantern - Kilowag

.                  Iceman

.                  Ion -   Sodam Yat

.                  Lone Ranger

.                  Magma

.                  Mimic (Exiles)

.                  Mr. Miracle - Shilo Norman  

.                  Obsidian

.                  Photon

.                  The Punisher

.                  The Ray - Raymond Terrill

.                  Red Tornado

.                  Richard Dragon

.                  Rocket Racoon

.                  Spawn  

.                  Speed

.                  Starman -  Thom Kallor

.                  Storm

.                  Superboy – Conner Kent

.                  Vampirella

.                  War Machine

.                  X-23  


 KOOOOOOOOOORRDD!!!!! Come on, we can't let morph down! Seriously Morph is loosing to Dr. Light, I get blue and gold, but light, come on people!!!

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@Krakoa: if she's villainous, then no
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@Krakoa: which one, Inza or Kent