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@ARMIV2: @ZZoMBiE13: aww thanks guys! :3

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I can't resist a chance to draw a redhead, so here's my entry. From what I've read, Firehair's story is one of revenge and rejection. So, I think she should look like this:

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I really love Starfire, so I did my best to come up with a non-skimpy design.

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@tonis: Oh, thanks, man! Actually, I wanted to put that .gif into an otherwise static comic strip, but that would be a huuge image then. So I chickened out (for now!)

@Roxanne Starr: Heh, I spent an unfortunate amount of time on those. Glad you like 'em! :)

@Deranged Midget: Thanks! You are one of the few who liked it. Now I think it looks kinda odd, but I'm glad that I've tried something new

@KRYPTON ,@Raven0207: Thank you guys! And by the way Raven, congratulations on the Kubert school thing!! I'm happy for you and I wish you the bestest of luck :)

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@M.S. Feather: Aw thank you! That's my favourite of the bunch, too. I think it's because it has Delon in it :3

@Hawkeye446: Thanks, but you're too nice ;)

@feebadger: Thank you, that's great to hear!

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Man, I should really go watch the Avengers! I like every single one (that's an awesome style you have there, @KINGoCLINT )

But I can't resist a zombie, so I'll go with ProofPudding

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@tonis: Yay! Thank you, I shall use that technique more often then :3

Yeah, I remembered that it's always better to have foreground, middle-ground and background instead of just two of them, so I put the trees and the light there.

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@crestfallen: Thank you! I initially left that upper-right corner for some silly title, but then I thought it'd be better off without it. I like to pretend that my work actually gets published :3

@Billy Batson: @maxicere: Thanks mates!

@ARMIV2: Thank you, I'm soo glad to hear that! That one is my favourite, too, although weirdly it's the most flawed one.

@sora_thekey: Aw, shucks! I don't plan out all the colours before I draw, cause if something turns out not the way I wanted, photoshop has million ways for me to change it :) so yeah, I draw digitally.

@Hulk_SuperStomp: Thanks :3 I am very slow. And I get distracted a lot. But let's see - the deer one took about 5 hours (3 hours drawing, 2 hours staring at deer photos), the postcards took about 1,5 hours each, and that car one - I dunno, 8 hours? I re-rendered it a lot. A LOT. And Pocahontas took about 1,5 hours, and God knows how much more time it will consume.

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@ARMIV2: Hey, I really like that B&W version of the valentine. Although I dunno about the coloring - I think It's kinda better to color digital drawings digitally, and traditional - traditionally. Maybe watercolors, or watercolor pencils would suit it better? The pencils look great though. I hope a person you sent this to appreciated it!

And that second piece with the rain is great! The composition and the details are pure goodness :)

Keep them pictures coming, I think you are getting better at it by the hour

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@Hawkeye446: Holy Moly, thank you mate! Another person actually likes it! Now you too just might receive a sad existential postcard from me someday :3

@Decept-O: Oops, sorry, forgot to mention that the "Antichrist" is that recent movie by Von Trier, I didn't particularly like it, but there was this neat idea that "Nature is the Satan's church", and this little scene that freaked the hell out of me. Good stuff.

And thank you again, it's really great to hear that I'm improving :)