Griffins and severed heads

Hello folks! Long time no see. So I've been doing some drawing lately, and I just wanted to share some of my work with you :)

This is Alain Delon as seen in the movie "Le Samourai". What a guy. Well, can't a girl have a celebrity crush?

I'm not too happy with myself about this one. But I sure might use it as valentine card next year.

And here's the promised severed head! It's supposed to be animated (click on it if it doesn't flap wings), and it's my rendition of Hermes.

Oh, and this is something really quick I did for stress relief (it didn't work as one; it never actually does, why do I keep trying). Those are based on a story I used to write when I was little. I don't recall much of it, but I do remember that the protagonist had a griffin best friend. Hey, I did it before Harry Potter!

That's all, thank you very much for watching! Critique is welcome, I don't bite :3


Some new art

So, now that I vowed to draw at least two hours a day, and have no personal life whatsoever, I really get lots of stuff done. Here is some of it.

I like the B&W version better, actually. Here it is.

Also, some people thought that the "dreaded emptiness" postcard was funny, so I did two more. Nobody asked me for it, I just did.

Also, this is a shameless tribute to my favourite writer, William S. Burroughs:

(it is quite large, you may wanna click it) I was really inspired by this movie. Also, I tried to change the way I pencil things here, and it proved to be heartbreakingly difficult. But I believe that trying new techniques is very good for your creativity. I highly recommend it.

And, finally, here's a "Pocahontas Noire" sketch. I dont know whether I should just color it, or paint it without the lineart, cause I haven't done that for a while. But either way, that word balloon goes away.

Well, that's all for now, hope I didn't bore you too much. Thanks for your attention. Critique is very welcome and quite crucial for me! :3


Batwoman, Wonderwoman, Uncanny Kitty Dancer and other stuff

Hello guys, it's been a while! I've been buried nose deep in work, but I still made some stuff for myself and friends. So I decided to share it with you! Initially all these pictures were in that silly giant-roll-of-toilet-paper format I like for some reason, but then I decided to split 'em up, so here they are.

A deer skull!

A horsey! And I think that Antichrist joke is getting old. I should probably stop using it.

A Batwoman + Seventh Seal poster! I know, I'm hilarious.

A key! It's kinda silly, but I've heard about that comic, Locke and Key, and I can't actually read it, but I've looked up some art on the internet and liked it so much, I made up my own key. Happy St. Valentine's day!

I don't know what to say about this one, except for a little piece of my newly found wisdom: it's okay to sketch your ideas when you are drunk or on drugs, but you may wanna leave the figures, composition, colours and all the actual drawing to your sober self. He/she will handle it much better. You will only fail and get angry.

Oh, I'm definitely doing more of this. Like, Little Mermaid Noire? And I'm so gonna redo that Pocahontas noire from here

Sheena the Jungle Bitch is back, too. She is standing in the dirt, by the way. I probably should've made it clearer. Oh well.

I LOVE the new Wonder Woman! So I just wanted to try another coloring technique, And I've no idea why Stryfe looks like a dude here. I tried to fix it.

Hey, bear with me, it's almost over.

Yeah, I told you he'd be back. This weird guy debuted here

I even made up a story about him. And drew a cover for that story.

...and then I made a silly .gif out of it.

This is the actual postcard I'm gonna send to an actual friend of mine. He understands my weird humour. I hope.

And this is the last one. I dunno, I just love gingers.

Well, thank you so much for viewing all this sillyness! Now if you have some critique or nitpicks on your mind, please do tell me. Because now that I decided that drawing pictures is my labour of love, I need a whipping like never before :)


Dex-starr (and LOTS of other cats)

So, here's my take on the cutest lantern evar!

Well, actually, my intention wasn't to make him cute, I wanted him to look dangerous. And the scariest thing about the cats for me is that they're sooo unpredictable. Well, hope that he looks like a scary housecat in that picture. But that's not really the picture I wanted to show you. I wanted to show you this one:

You probably don't see a thing, so here's the link to a full view:

Well, what can I say, recently life hasn't been too nice to me, so I decided that I should draw cats whenever I feel down. After all, everyone likes a cat :3 And after a while they piled up, so I decided to put them all together. Some cats you may recognise, some I made up, but I really hope these can cheer up at least one person out there, because you guys are the greatest, and you've been so nice to me, and I really really appreciate it :) Thanks for watching!


Frankie & Johnny

Together at last

Well, you know how the story about the two actually goes, but I had this vague idea to do my interpretation in form of comic, but I didn't have plenty of time lately, so I just settled for this kinda-sorta diptych thing. I did "Frankie" part long time ago, and finished "Johnny" just now. Hope you like it! And thanks for watching. Critique and comments are welcome, as usual :)


My tribute to the golden age of comics

Hey guys, I'm back from the most awful vacation I've ever had, and boy, do I want to forget it! Anyway, Thank you all who commented on my art thread ( here), but I think I'd rather use the blog to post my artwork, cause it's so much easier to browse through.
So, to the subject at hand. 

This is you, guys!
Also, I did The Rocketeer for @Raven0207. Thanks for the idea, mate!