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Smallville and the Arrow are filmed in Vancouver, Canada.

It would be awsome to see Speedy and also his son Green Arrow II in the nexts seasons of Arrow.

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@RedRyan: You where right all along. One of my friends in college told me that GI Combat series was going to be canceled before the Christmas Holidays. Hunted Tank was a good series to read and Unknown Soldier was also going to end too. DC has canceled a lot of good stuff due to poor readers and sales like Captain Atom, Blue Beetle, Voodoo, JLI, etc.

In years to come they might bring back the series and start over again.

The Good News is that Animal Man and Swamp Thing series fighting off the ROT WAR is doing well. Batman series Death In a Family crossover, Superman crossover and Justice League series is doing good and not canceled.

Phatom Stranger is a good book to read.

I wonder if Booster Gold will be seen again? I have not seen him since JLI Annual.

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Arrow the tv series is awsome. I know Smaillville is over and been on the air for 10 years 2001-2011. I thinks its good to have a change Arrow the tv show is awsome to replace Smallville. I would can tell that DC is doing its best. I only read DC Comics and Vertigo. I would like to see a Justice League movie in years to come. I know that people tell me that DC is not good at making movies and there terrible at it. DC only good at cartoon series and comics. I think there doing there best. I have never seen the Avengers movie and never will at all. Only DC movies and JL and JLU and animated films and Arrow I will watch. DC makes low budgent films but like I said there doing there best for there comic readers.

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All the rest of the DC Heros should be in the new 52. What about Cain and Abel? Ther part of the DC Unverise House Of Mystery and House of Secrets. That would be awsome to see them in the New 52 series for new readers and bring back some of the old school heros and make them new again for new readers.

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I think that would be a good idea. Booster Gold should be a citizan of the future of his. I know in JLI it said that he was from Toronto,Canada and leader of the JLI with Batman helping him on the team for a shot time. After the JLI got canceled and the Annual where he saw on the computer screen Superman and Wonder Women kissed. Time Travel Booster Gold told Booster Gold to stop that event from happening or he will not be born? I think they should put Booster Gold on the Justice League Team. What do you think? I know the JL do not like his jokes and find him anoying on the team. I think he can try fix things before they even happen.

I head that Booster Gold getting his own tv series and Dan Judges is writing a script for the show. The only tv series I head they where doing is Green Arrow.

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I was in shock to hear that JLI was canceled but I think Booster Gold should joined the Justice League and help them. I know the Justice League do not like him or his funny jokes and can be annoying to the Justice League but I think he shold join them or maybe have his own series again. Booster Gold is a Canadian superhero from Toronto and also maybe the only Canadian hero on the Justice League team or in his own series again.

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Booster Gold is having his ownTV SERIES that is awasome to hear the news. DC Comics is doing a good job. Green Arrow is also having his TV Series called Arrow. Cant wait to see the show come to TV.

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Animal Man powers take time to work since he is a avatar of his body and helping Swamp Thing in the big new series of the ROT battle. His powers will take sometime since DC did the new 52 series.

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The New Members of the Justice League that should have are.

1 Green Arrow.

2 Captain Atom.

3 Adaw Strange ?

4 Animal Man ? Maybe on Justice League Dark.

5 Shazam.

6 Flash-Wally West.

7 Firestorm.

8 Elongated Man.

9 Atom.

10 Black Canary.

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There coustumes look like there from the movie Tron. This is a good series to read the New Teen Titans in a Battle of NOWHERE. and the CULLING series crosover.