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Same here I play for fun only. I also like the maps they have. I have a cemetery map from 2007 and the House of Mystery map from the Trinty War series. I have played a JLD team vs. CSA. It took me 3 hours to battle the CSA on the cemetery map to get to the House of Mystery map the safe zone. Only John Constantine, Frankenstein and Black Orchard, I Vampire made it to the House of Mystery. I have been playing Heroclixs for 13 years in 2002 before the cards came.

Its hard to get players to players to play the game is very pricey to update and etc.

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Give DC a try. There doing good Animated programs and now TV Shows. I know some people do not like the show called Arrow. I watch that show because it is DC. I do not watch show like Marvel or read there comics because there comics are lame and boring to me and there own by Disney. DC Comics are much better. There just doing there best to make good TV Shows and Movies just give them a chance.

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DC Comics are doing well then Marvel Comics. I never watch a Marvel movie or read there comics only DC and Vertigo comics. DC Comics are getting back in the game .

Arrow 2012-present

The Flash-2014


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Nice Art. Cant wait to pick that issue up to read. It will be good to see him in the Teen Titans again.

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Stephanie would be a good Robin in the New DC 52 Series.

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I think Damian will be Robin again because he cant die. He is inmortal he is just taking a break from his Father- Batman. It would be nice to see Stephanie again as Robin since she was Robin in 2004 and was fired by Batman during the War Games gang series and fake death up to the events of RIP and now. Stephanie would be a good Robin if she douse not get fired by Batman again.

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I just got the news today that Damian was killed in Batman INC #8. I have been away in Florida and the Bahamas in February with my girlfriend and her family. I was on a shipcruise and some kid was reading Batman INC #8 and told me while I was eating my breakfast that Damian was killed. I was very upset and he runied my breakfast and had to throw it away and he runied and my holidays. I thought it was a joke like Batman RIP series but it was not.a joke at all. I got a lot of comic book reading to do here and recover from my trip.

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If there was a Teen Titans movie it would not be good. If it was animated yes that would work. DC Comics are only good at animated series and some good movies. I know they will only do it animated. There doing a FlashPoint animated series movie this summer. They tried doing a Animated movie called Teen Titans it did not work well or it was canned. Since DC Relanch happened in 2011 there doing animated DC Movies about the relanch. They might even do a Teen Titans animated movie the heros in the relanch series.

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I think Batman should keep a secrets. He is Batman and he has a lot of tricks up his sleeves. We all found out that he has a son name Damian in the Batman and Son storyline in 2006 . It was keep hidden from 1987 to 2006. 19 years we did not know anythng about this event and now he is Robin. I do not like the Joker in the new 52 his looks creepy with his face falling off and a belt holding his face up with stiches to hold his skin. I think Batman should keep his secrets and focus on the family and fight crime in Gotham City.

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Thank you for the update about Booster Gold going to be in the Trinity War Event series. I will look foward reading the series. GI Combat is over it was a good series with the Hunted Tank and Unknown Solider. I also found out that Constantine is going to have his series and also a new series called JLA. There to much going on Justice League titles to read. I was glad to see the House of Mystery and House of Secrets in the Justice League Dark series.

I have read some of the I Vampire comics. He was in the Justice League Dark. He was part of the JLD team and left team and also came back to help the team.

Since its the Christmas Holidays. I have been reading some of DC Holidays Specials back before the NEW 52 happened. There a good series to read around the Christmas Holidays.

Its was a shame thay canceled some of the good comics this year in 2012 and 2013.

You have a very Merry Christmas all the best in the New Year.