Will there Be A Justice League Movie ? or Teen Titans movie ?

I have seen a lot of DC Comics movies in the years. When they did the Avengers movie and the Avengers II that being filmed do you think that DC will do a Justice League or Teen Titans movie. I know that DC has done a lot of Animated shows and movies in the 1992 tv series Batman Animated Series and Superman the Animated Series, Justice League and Unlimted, Static Shock and Young Justice and the new tv series called Green Arrow starting in October. DC Comics is doing a good job but I think they should make more filims in Vertigo like Fables or The Last Man Standing, American Vampire series, Sandman series it could be a animated series or movie your choice to choose.

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Posted by Video_Martian

No, They won't make those movies b/c it's DC... :(

Posted by johnkmccubbin91

They are planning for a 2015 release for a Justice League film, whether this happens or not is a different thing, Id expect it will.

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A teen titans movie is supposedly planned for 2013.

Posted by minigunman123

Teen Titans would be bad ass. They need to have Starfire, Robin (Tim Drake), Beast Boy, Raven, Speedy/some similar archer, Ravager, Superboy and have them face... fack if I know. But it'd be good. And they need to not make it too similar to the comics because otherwise, it'd be a good comic book movie, but it'd be a bad film.

Make good films, DC, that appeal to more than just comic fanboys, or else Marvel will destroy you D:<

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I swear live action for either of these movies I really have a hard time seeing them work.  But doubt they will be animated...oh well.