What DC Animated Movies do you want made to see?

In 2007 when it all started the DC Animated Movies. They where awesome to watch. I have seen stuff from Batman Gotham Knight tied in to Batman Begins and the Dark Knight in the films. Justice League: The New Frontier 1959-1960's the history of the JLA and events. That was a good series to read and the movie was awesome. Superman and Batman Public Enemies and Apocalypse was awesome. Justice League; Crisis on Two Earths and Justice League Doom where good to watch.

There are some things that I wanted to see in years to come in the DC Animated Movies so here they are like

1 Swamp Thing

2 Infinite Crisis 2005-2006 series. That would be a big project to do. It would be awesome if they did that in animated.

3 52 the missing year.

4 Countdown

5 Batman RIP

6 Final Crisis

7 The Return of Bruce Wayne Batman.

8 Doom Patrol

9 Challengers of the Unknown

10 Ambush Bug

11 Animal Man.

12 Teen Titans.

They would be a good animated movies to see.

What DC Animated Movies do you want to see ?

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A Gotham Knight-style collection of shorts telling the Joker's Asylum stories. That would be siiiiiick.

Posted by MrT1000

@joygirl said:

A Gotham Knight-style collection of shorts telling the Joker's Asylum stories. That would be siiiiiick.

It would be interesting.

Posted by WaveMotionCannon

Young Justice. Batman : Court of Owls, and Talon as a spinoff

Posted by SmashBrawler

I know they've said they wouldn't do more adaptations but what the hell, Red Son and The Nail. They should do more Elseworlds.

Posted by Xwraith

I know Bruce Timm specifically cited Green Arrow as a hero who's not popular enough to get a solo movie, but I'd love to see Green Arrow Year One.

Posted by JamesKM716

Infinite Crisis; GL: Rebirth, Sinestro Corp War, Blackest Night, Crisis on Infinite Earths, and Batman: Knightfall

Posted by lightsout

I would DIE if they did some multi-movie adaptation of Infinite Crisis or Sinestro Corps War (though moreso for IC) -- the battles alone!

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Something, ANYTHING with the Flash. And Green Arrow is another good pick. Another way to put it. Something without Superman or Batman.

Posted by mpierce2690

I'd love to see the Flash get something, maybe all the Grodd stuff from the New 52 would be a good choice. And more Wonder Woman stuff. So much potential with these two.

Swamp Thing would be awesome too.

Posted by sinestro_GL

Obviously an original feature with a character that hasn't had one would be ideal, such as the Flash.

But I would prefer a JLI feature. It IS Justice League, but apart from Batman, has a roster that is not familiar to the general public, outside of comics.

This would create a better awareness, and hopefully a new appreciation for these guys:

Posted by xtheomegax

I would love to see "The killing joke". And I love the idea of doing some elseworlds but I think that would just confuse the casual fan. I would also like a solo flash movie featuring professor zoom as his main rouge.

Posted by RustyRoy
  1. Rated R Red Rain Trilogy.
  2. Killing Joke.
  3. Gotham By Gaslight.
  4. Red Son.
  5. Blackest Night.
  6. Court of Owls.
  7. Return of Bruce Wayne.
  8. Final Crisis.
  9. A Flash movie.
  10. A WW movie.
  11. A JSA movie.
  12. A Swamp Thing movie.
  13. A JLD movie.
  14. An Animal movie.
  15. A Teen Titans movie.
Posted by joeagentofhand1

Kingdom Come

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Impossible, but:

JLA vs Predator

The one where the Predators each have a power of a JLer

It was so bad, it was great.

Posted by bob808

JSA movie

Posted by JackKnight

A movie featuring the Anti-Monitor as the main villain.

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I want a Flash animated film NOW.

Posted by Veshark

A WONDER WOMAN SEQUEL. Really, the first was the best of the DC animated movies, and I'd love to see a return of the ast and writers again.

Truth be told, the main reason why I dislike most of these movies is because they are adaptations of the comic stories. I don't find it enjoyable to see the original comic be adapted panel-for-panel into animated form - often in a fashion subpar to the original. Essentially, why watch All-Star Superman when the original comic was far superior and included a whole lot more? I just think a lot gets lost in translation, and the end result is generally less than impressive.

I'd rather they try their hand at writing original stories with inspiration from the comics, much as the live-action movies do. Flash doesn't really interest me, but I definitely like the idea of a Swamp Thing one.

Posted by Betatesthighlander1

Sandman anyone?

Posted by JackKnight
Posted by Gambit1024
  • The Flash
  • Kingdom Come
  • Green Arrow: Year One
  • Superman: Birthright
  • Wonder Woman II
  • Aquaman
  • Hellblazer
  • The Killing Joke
  • Blue Beetle/Booster Gold team-up
  • JLA: Queen of Fables

And I can't think of what the name of the arc was, but Morrison's first arc on JLA. The one with the white martians.

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while the episodic nature would certainly work better as a TV series, I still feel like animation wpuld do much better communicating the style of the original work

Posted by RisingBean

@veshark: You were doing fine until you said that Flash wasn't your cup of tea. *Grumbles.* Outside of that I agree. I'd also like them to start building a continuity with them instead of them all being standalone.

Posted by ULTRAstarkiller

@joygirl said:

A Gotham Knight-style collection of shorts telling the Joker's Asylum stories. That would be siiiiiick.

This. And Knight Fall, Batman Hush, Court of Owls, Kingdom Come, and Killing Joke

Posted by Charetter115

New Frontier part 2

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Kamandi the Last Boy on Earth.

Posted by Xanni15

Aquaman, it's tie to put to bed all the jokes for the general public. Show him to be the badass he truly is.

Posted by Xanni15

@joygirl said:

A Gotham Knight-style collection of shorts telling the Joker's Asylum stories. That would be siiiiiick.

This. And Knight Fall, Batman Hush, Court of Owls, Kingdom Come, and Killing Joke

Batman fan, huh?

Posted by TheCowman

Ambush Bug.

A Plastic Man movie based on the 2004 series.

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Brian Azzarello's Wonder Woman...... I never get what I want.

Posted by deaditegonzo

Kingdom Come & Our Worlds at War would be cool. Hunter/Prey would be a great action experience.

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Kingdom Come, No Man's Land. Batman Fugitive.

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JLA: New World Order.

I also want Kingdom Come, Green Lantern Rebirth, Sinestro Corps War, Blackest Night, War of the Green Lanterns but other Viners already mentioned...

Posted by Veshark

@risingbean Haha sorry pal, I just don't have an affinity for the character ;)

But yeah, I'd definitely prefer original stories as opposed to word-for-word adaptations.

Posted by BlueLantern1995

Justice League New Frontier 2

Batman Under the Red Hood 2

Green Lantern First Flight 2

Other than these sequels I don't much care have them do what they will as long as its good.(screw that I want a Sinestro Corps War and Blackest Night animated movies)

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@veshark: He probably does not make my top ten. But I really think characters who are not Batman (or Superman) need attention. Also I want to see 80 minutes of speed feats on my screen.

Posted by ULTRAstarkiller

@xanni15: Yup best Super Hero ever!!!!!!!

Posted by Black_Claw

1. Static Shock

2. Throne of Atlantis

3. Flash (oh well, at least a Flashpoint movie is being made)

4. The Killing Joke

5. Death of the Family

6. A Wonder Woman sequel

7. Teen Titans: Judas Contract

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@risingbean Absolutely. Bats and Supes are 1 and 2 on my list respectively, but really, I'm sick of seeing adaptations of them. We need to give more love to DC's larger roster, and make DC stop banking all of their media on those two alone.

Posted by RisingBean

@veshark: Bingo. So with that, Flash, Hawkman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman 2 (First one was pretty good.), Cassie Cain, and the one I most want to see, Green Arrow.

Posted by ssbm

a flash movie on anything to be honest same with aquaman love the idea of a teen titans film but with the original team because not enough people know them also a robin: year one and hush, knightfall and the court of owls would be really good to maybe a JLD just to switch things up abit

Posted by spidermonkey2099

Though I loved both Year One and Dark Knight Returns Parts 1 & 2, I prefer it when they do loose adaptations of stories (as opposed to the strict adaptations, like those mentioned above, where they follow the story in the comic VERY closely). Having said that, I'd love to see loose adaptations of:

  • Aquaman: New 52 Version... Haven't read any of the comics yet, but I hear it's really cool. I'd definitely watch a film featuring this new version of Aquaman.
  • Batman: Knightfall
  • Batman: No Man's Land
  • Batman: The Court of Owls
  • Batgirl: Year One (I haven't read it yet, but I really like Babs' character and I've heard this the best Batgirl story that features her)
  • Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps War
  • Green Lantern: Blackest Night
  • Green Lantern film featuring Kyle Rayner
  • JLA: Rock of Ages
  • Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?
  • A Teen Titans film (not related to the TV show...) featuring the origin of Raven (...though I would love it if they got Tara Strong to do her voice again)
  • Wonder Woman sequel
Posted by bob808

Holy Terror

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I want to see Rotworld.

Posted by Battle_Forum_Junkie

Haven't reas much DC stuff. I'm pretty new to there comics.

Court Of Owls. Haven't read City of Owls or Night of Owls yet...


Green Lantern Blackest Night.

Posted by Twentyfive

Static Shock.

Milestone Forever

Something with the Death of Ted Kord, and the Rise of Jaime Reyes.

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I'd like to see a Suicide Squad or JSA movie.

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Doom Patrol.... I still never get what I want.

Posted by ericthegraphicsguy

The Final Night and The Killing Joke

Posted by Deadgod

1. Swamp Thing
2. Animal Man
3. Doom Patrol
4. Hellblazer
5. Aquaman
6. Kingdom Come
7. Sgt Rock
8. Red Son
9. Hitman
10. Spectre
11. Final Crisis
12. Birds of Prey
13. The Authority
14. Mr Magestic
15. Wonder Woman 2
16. Blackest Night
17. Hawkman
18. JL Dark
19. JLA The Nail
20. Captain Atom

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