Dose anyone like Adam Strange as a Canadian Superhero in the JLC? Or should he be American Superhero?

I just read the first two of the Justice League United. I find it a good series with Animal Man and Adam Strange, Green Arrow,Stargirl, John Jones, and the rest of the crew. As for me having two Canadian superheros that is cool and Having are JLU in Canada. Booster Gold and Adam Strange are from Toronto. I find it interesting in the New 52 Series that we have two heros from Canada.

What do you think? Do you want more DC Canadian heros or just American Heros it is up to you.

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Posted by CaptainMarvel4Ever

Meh I don't really care. Lets face it, Canada and America aren't really all that different. If it makes the comic feel more inclusive to others, then that's great. Sometimes I think Metropolis should be in Canada, because it was based off a city from Canada, by one of Superman's co-creators who was himself Canadian.

But mostly I don't care.