Anyone played Heroclixs before? Are you good at the game?

As for me as a comic book collector. I only collect DC Comics only and I also collect DC stuff in Heroclixs. I have been playing Heroclixs for 12 years all the way up to the updated stuff and cards and powers. I enjoy the game it is a fun game. This year I cant wait for the Green Lantern series called War of the Light. I also have the Heroclixs from the movie Green Lantern. It took me a long time to get a Green Lantern Army. The cool thing was the 1966 Batman Heroclixs from the TV Show. My favorite one is Damian as Batman. When he gets to black on his dial he can get healed back to full health while in Battle. I am kinda good at the game but they keeping changing the rules over the years and etc. Its a fun game and if you have not tried the game buy it at you comic book store or board games near you. Find people that play the game and join a group and you can win prizes at tournaments or just play for fun.

My favorite packs series are

Justice League

Teen Titans


10 years pack 2012

Superman and Legion


New 52 Justice League

Green Lantern-Movie pack

Superman-Man of Steel Movie pack

Batman-1966 TV Show pack.

What is your favorite Heroclixs series? DC, Marvel, Deadpool, etc.

Posted by JasonHawke

Dafuq's Heroclix?

Posted by longbowhunter

A couple shops in town hold game nights and it's quite popular. But I don't play.