Any one like Booster Gold to be American or Canadian Superhero?

I think Booster Gold should be a Canadian Superhero well becasuse if all might know. There are no Canadian heros in the DC Comics. There was only one Canadian hero from Canada British Columbia called Centrix from Vancouver Island and there also anouther Canadian hero called Captain Canuck not in the DC Comics those are the two Canadian heros that I know. Booster Gold should be Canadian and He is from Toronto the big city. It would be so cool to have Booster Gold in the Justice League and fix everthing up in the timelines. The thing is the Justice league do like Booster Gold same as whern Booster Gold was American hero nobody like him or his funny jokes. The only one that can help him sometimes is Batman. Booster Gold should have is own series again and fix all the timeline The World Greatest Hero: Booster Gold.

I even herd the Booster Gold is going to have a TV Series about his life when he was younger going back in time. I even heard that Green Arrow is having his show called Arrow. I hope those show will last on tv.

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Posted by RazzaTazz

I think he can jut stay a citizen of the future. If he is interested in fame and fortune though, why not stay in the UA?

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I hate having him come from Canada. It serves no real purpose, other than just making a random change. I also thought that it was awesome that Booster was from 25th century Gotham. His name is also pretty rooted in America as well, since President Reagan gave Booster his superhero name.

Posted by Gordon Kelly


I think that would be a good idea. Booster Gold should be a citizan of the future of his. I know in JLI it said that he was from Toronto,Canada and leader of the JLI with Batman helping him on the team for a shot time. After the JLI got canceled and the Annual where he saw on the computer screen Superman and Wonder Women kissed. Time Travel Booster Gold told Booster Gold to stop that event from happening or he will not be born? I think they should put Booster Gold on the Justice League Team. What do you think? I know the JL do not like his jokes and find him anoying on the team. I think he can try fix things before they even happen.

I head that Booster Gold getting his own tv series and Dan Judges is writing a script for the show. The only tv series I head they where doing is Green Arrow.

Posted by RazzaTazz

@Gordon Kelly: I like him much more as the enigmatic time traveler.