Do you think Booster Gold should have his own TV series?

I know we have seen the longest tv show called Smallville from 2001-2011. After Smallville ended we have this new tv show called Arrow about a young Oliver Queen who becomees Green Arrow who is hunted from 5 years being on the Island from shipwreck. I have seen some tv shows in DC Comics like SwampThing 1990-1993 and the movies. I seen the series Human Target it did not last. I know some of the DC movies where not good like Batman & Robin, Jonah Hex, etc. I know there doing there best. I know DC good at animated movies. I would think Booster Gold should get his own tv series. We had Smallville = Superman and we have Arrow tv series = Green Arrow, Swamp Thing 90's tv series = Swamp Thing.

If you have not read the Booster Gold series or the JLI series. You should read it. The Greatest Hero You Never Heard of Booster Gold a time travel hero.

Do you think Booster Gold should have his tv series?

It is up to you.

I think it would be awsome to see if they do a Booster Gold series.


Want New Comics Series you want see in DC New 52.

I know that DC Comics are doing good in the new 52 series and sadly to see some of the good series end due to poor reades and sales. Now there on there fifth wave of the series. I would like to see some diffrents in the new DC like bring back some of the old stuff and make it new for readers to read if it works out or not.

Here are some of the comics that I want to see in the DC 52 fifth wave.

1 House Of Mystery.

2 House of Secrets.

3 Booster Gold Series-What happened to him after JLI annual? Where is he now?

4 Adam Strange Series.

5 Congo Bill.

6 The Metal Men.

7 The Atom.

8 Anthro First Boy on Earth.

9 Kamandi Last Boy on Earth.

10 The Question.


Any one like Booster Gold to be American or Canadian Superhero?

I think Booster Gold should be a Canadian Superhero well becasuse if all might know. There are no Canadian heros in the DC Comics. There was only one Canadian hero from Canada British Columbia called Centrix from Vancouver Island and there also anouther Canadian hero called Captain Canuck not in the DC Comics those are the two Canadian heros that I know. Booster Gold should be Canadian and He is from Toronto the big city. It would be so cool to have Booster Gold in the Justice League and fix everthing up in the timelines. The thing is the Justice league do like Booster Gold same as whern Booster Gold was American hero nobody like him or his funny jokes. The only one that can help him sometimes is Batman. Booster Gold should have is own series again and fix all the timeline The World Greatest Hero: Booster Gold.

I even herd the Booster Gold is going to have a TV Series about his life when he was younger going back in time. I even heard that Green Arrow is having his show called Arrow. I hope those show will last on tv.


Will there Be A Justice League Movie ? or Teen Titans movie ?

I have seen a lot of DC Comics movies in the years. When they did the Avengers movie and the Avengers II that being filmed do you think that DC will do a Justice League or Teen Titans movie. I know that DC has done a lot of Animated shows and movies in the 1992 tv series Batman Animated Series and Superman the Animated Series, Justice League and Unlimted, Static Shock and Young Justice and the new tv series called Green Arrow starting in October. DC Comics is doing a good job but I think they should make more filims in Vertigo like Fables or The Last Man Standing, American Vampire series, Sandman series it could be a animated series or movie your choice to choose.


Anyone like to see House of Mystery Series back in new DC 52.

I would like to see it come back to its own series and enjoy it . I have read the Vertigo House of Mystery and the DC Showcase the old one there awsome to read reprint series. There are some good titlles from the old stuff like:

The Man Who Hated Good Luck

The House OF NO Return

The Court of the Creatures

The Widows Walk

The Gift OF DOOM [Like the Hope Dimond Curse]

Last Meal

Sour Note

I could go on but I will leave at that. I will be excited if they bring the series back.

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