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What do you think happens late night at the What are you thinking of right now thread >_>
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look at the cover of fear itself 7 at the top of the article. the bottom of it shows an armored guy fighting the serpent. Thor fighting the serpent who will probably transform into an actual serpent, and that explains the chestplate that odin gives him. the previous covers in fear itself have been way too revealing for that to not be the case.

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id probably say djurdjevic too. the thing with him though is that he has a lot of magnificent stuff, but he does so many covers for marvel that he becomes inconsistent and while his worst pieces of art are still great, they just seem boring and mediocre compared to his better stuff. this is a close call though. i love both.

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who's art do you like more?

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i wish marvel didn't make it so obvious when someone was going to die.  
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HES TIRED.He isn't dead. Sheesh, if you read Fear Itself #5, you would know.

yes, but marvel has released solicits of a new god of thunder, as well as the avengers line up after fear itself which does not include thor. i admit its not totally obvious but its hard to not think it will happen. marvel doesnt usually hint you the wrong way. 
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i saw them filming in cleveland today. it was pretty cool. but the costume looks kind of dumb in these pictures. it reminds me of the one in the 90s cap movie, which is not something you want it to remind you of. evans doesnt sound to happy about the deal he signed. it sounds kind of miserable actually. anyway, i'm still really excited for this movie and i hope to see more of it being filmed. 

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ultimate spiderman is my most consistenly favorite series and ultimate peter parker is easily my favorite comic book character. I find him very relatable and loveable and i think its cool that since i've been reading comics (i started at 13, i'm now 16) i've been around the same age as my favorite character, which is part of what makes him so great to me. Death of Spider-Man has been really great so far and as much as i love the character and the book i think issue 160 will be good. It's really gonna hit my heart, and i honestly think i might shed a couple tears. that picture quesada drew of uncle ben and peter is just so touching. this is a big deal for me. unfortunately, i may not be able to pick up any comics from now until august, so i'll have to find a way to pick this one up in particular.

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@biggkeem89 said:
What if this has something to do with her pheromone control? hmmm...  
its funny you say that because...(not a big spoiler, but you may not want to look if you havent read Avengers 13)