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Just what the doctor ordered 0

I saw an ad for this book coming out about two weeks ago. It said something like, "what you've been waiting for is finally here." And I realized I hadn't been waiting for Avenging Spider-Man because this ad was the first I had ever heard of the title's existence, proof positive that I mostly ignore pretty much every non-story-panel page in any book I read. But I saw two things in that advertisement, the name Spider-Man and the name Zeb Wells and I said, "ok, ad. now I am waiting for this and I'm...

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Finally Picking Up!!! 0

I've been reading Spidey for quite a while now, and some of the recent story arcs have been fantastic (Origin of the Species, The Gauntlet, oh my word, The Grim Hunt...). So far, though, Spider-Island has been a bit of a dud for me. I really want a story that is contained within a title, not one that stretches across books that I don't normally buy in an effort to attract me to them. Look, Marvel. I'm not reading Venom. Super-spy-Symbiote is a pretty dumb idea.I can't imagine taking ASM out of m...

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I've Missed You, Dear Friend 0

I feel like if I'm going to trumpet the Goon's praises via screen-name, I should at least be ready and willing to write a review of the first issue of Goon to come out since Bush was in office.  Eric Powell does not disappoint in this long-awaited return.  Were you guys waiting a long time, too, I mean?  I sat outside my local shop for two years just waiting on someone to come up with pages where Goon punched someone or Frankie said something sassy.  The mini-story attached to Billye the Kid was...

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You Need To Be Reading This Book! 0

T'Challa, the Black Panther, took over for Matt Murdock as the "Man Without Fear" in the aftermath of the Shadowland (glug) event, choosing to take on the role of Hell's Kitchen's resident protector without the benefit of his Wakandan tech.  This series, since BP took over, has been well worth the read every week and slowly clawing its way to the top of my read pile (pun, of course, intended).  David Liss just plain gets how to write the Black Panther, as a man of honor, as a man of intellect, a...

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Good Scare, Philosophically Impaired 0

As someone who turns to horror comics as a respite from the world of capes and cowls regularly, I was very much looking forward this title hitting the shelves.  I will say, before anything, that it at least met my expectations.  The visuals throughout the book were strikingly vivid, an essential for horror comics, which don't have the benefit of accompanying music or studio-edited timing to manipulate the way the audience experiences the frights.  The panels around the origin of the Tattered Man...

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Better and Better 0

It seems like with each passing issue or with the conclusion of each arc of Rick Remender's Uncanny X-Force, the title moves higher and higher on my list of favorite reads.  After this week's issue #9, Marvel's "kill-squad" is now my favorite part of the entire X-Universe.  Instantly on my Top 5 list of comics for sure.What the X-Force title has been doing under Rick Remender isn't just about superheroes who kill super-bad folks.  We see the characters grapple with the moral ambiguity of having ...

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something's gotta go 0

 for anyone who really digs Thor and wants to stick within the wheelhouse that makes Thor and Asgardian stories worth reading, make your way over to Journey Into Mystery.  I love reading Matt Fraction on Uncanny X-Men, sort of like him on Invincible Iron Man, am suspending judgment on Fear Itself, but DO NOT care for where he has Thor going.  It's somewhere between sci-fi and fantasy, and not really in a good way, but in that "why is a Norse god fighting weird, red goblin pirate things and...

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