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you know, I would give pretty much whatever to see Halloween go back to be awesome and get away from being sexy. notice how I didn't put those two together - sexy and awesome. one is for fun and for scares and for a delightful thumbing of our noses at the things that go bump in the night. the other is for drunken sorority girls. respect the Celts. long live All Hallow's Eve.

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I've personally never been drawn to Wolverine as a character. He was (and I guess still is) cool as a member of the X-Men, but as a stand-alone character, I was never intrigued enough to follow along. X-Men Origins: Wolverine was not to blame for this. that movie was a stink bomb wrapped in three tons of canon-defying horse crap. when it comes to the big names in Marvel-dome, Wolverine never comes to mind for me, even though I know he's a hugely popular character.

that being said, I would love to see a deeper, more thoughtful exploration into the things that make Wolverine an interesting character (shadowed past, quick to violence, wants to do good but trained to be a feral weapon). I don't, however, think an R-rating is necessary to get there. if the rating only provides violence for violence's sake, what's the point? The Dark Knight was one of the best crime movies (not superhero movies) of all time, and they got there at PG-13. if they're looking to produce something with substance and that vision requires an R-rating, I say go for it. if they're looking to boost up the rating to make another superficial, non-sense smashing of my hopes for a good follow-up to X-Men 3 and just want a higher rating to show some sex and/or violence, I'll save my $25 (because you know this thing will be in 3-D) and go rent Inception. again.

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am I the only one who genuinely didn't care for Bucky as Cap. not that the Winter Soldier/Death of Captain America/Rebirth thing hasn't been a fantastic run for Brubaker. but I was glad to see Steve get back under the mask and don't feel any particular remorse for thinking that Bucky is back in death-that-fuels-the-hero status.

this could go any number of places, some cool, some not so much. I'm sort of hoping for a new character though, the revelation of a second super soldier out of a block of ice or something like that. if they're just bringing back Bucky.......yawn.

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I am so ready for this. Pak had a good run, but toward the end it seemed he was running out of steam. The whole "Hulk Family" thing was a turn-off. I'm ready to see Hulk back as the singular monster chasing meaning. And Jason Aaron is the @#$@ - @#$@!# - $^$% - @#$ (those are good things that I can't say because they're full of swears).

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so, I love horror comics, especially when done well. but what's the deal with Snyder's take on picking 1916 as a year? what did he call it? a time of wonder and optimism? the edge of our recorded memories? what in the gods' name is he talking about? the 19-teens were filled with marches to endow people with basic human rights, fervor over getting the United States into or keeping it out of the worst war humanity has ever seen and the rise (and most widespread) second wave of the Klan.

I actually read this, and the fanboy in me said, "hmm. that could be a cool read." then the historian in me went "what the what?"

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dear barbara, this is fantastic. I remember seeing this on the video store shelves as a kid, but never got around to watching it. I think there's a Spidey movie around the same era.

side note: this Cap movie had both the mom and dad from A Christmas Story in it. that earns it at least one star.

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how did everyone know that was Idie behind Wolverine?  was it because her outfit and general appearance are different or that fact that I dropped Generation Hope after one book that I didn't make the connection?
now that the gang's all here, I feel like I can confidently say that Marvel has masterfully given each book someone I would buy just to see (going down the line - Nightcrawler, Beast, Rogue, Shatterstar, Psylocke, Colussus, and Moonstar) and and someone for whom I would give the only most vigorous indifference I can possibly muster (in the same order - Kid Omega, Rachel Summers, Strong Guy, Jubilee, Danger, and Cypher).
notice I have no qualms of X-Force.  that book is and will remain awesome.  and I didn't give any praise for Gen Hope.  that book is a snooze and even putting the Black King in the mix doesn't pique my interest.

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oh, and I'm noticing a distinct lack of Pixie that is pretty disappointing.  I was holding out hope that the Domino shadow that looked like a gun was a cleverly drawn wing.  now I'm sad.

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yeah, I mean a lot of folks have said it already.  there's nothing about the Gen Hope and New Mutants covers that would make me actually start reading those titles, and nothing about the Uncanny and X-Men covers that would make me stop reading them.  Hoping for something in tomorrow's final Yellow Team reveal though.  I think the woman in fire in the back is going to be the big bomb shell - bringing Phoenix back maybe???

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Is it sad that the first thing I think most mornings these days is "ooh, new shadow reveals"?  probably, but we all need a reason to get out of bed I guess.
 sort of saw the Strong Guy shadow covering other shadows thing coming.  Hello, Madrox.  I've also been looking for a reason to convince myself that I didn't need to add Wolverine and the X-Men to my pull file.  And Kid Omega does it.