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When she is about to say Superman and gets interrupted, I hate when they do that in films. It's kind of like they are saying calling someone Superman in the year 2013 isn't cool. Hope they call him Superman in the film and that scene isn't just a wink and nod for the 'fans'.

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I think the TPB of this is being reprinted in Augest, I might wait til then. I'd love to know more about The Inhumans after reading FF and New Avengers.

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I enjoyed this issue but where did Cap, Iron man and that team go? Back or forward in time? It wasn't quite clear...

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I like that Thanos wasn't written as a "he was bullied so he became evil." character. He a good, popular kid who took a wrong turn. I like that kind of story. I argee with the 3 stars, really looking forward to see where this story takes us.

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They seem to be struggling to cast this part. I haven't seen Bautista in anything and Momoa's last two movies were terrible (and he has about three lines of English dialogue in Game of Thrones.) They both look the part but unless they pull a unknown actor out of nowhere, I don't know who will take the role.

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Hey Comic Vine crew! I have a few questions for you...

  1. With the Guardians of the galaxy starting back up again and Iron Man joining the team, who else would you like to see join?
  2. When reading comics, do you read with the characters accent in mind? Like Psylocke being British or Wolverine being canadian, eh?
  3. Would you read a book with heroes just hanging out with each other? Bendis used to do it a lot in his Avengers run when characters would just sit around eating. It could be cool to see some friendships being explored. It could be called 'Heroes with Hobbies'. :P

Thanks, sorry if some of these questions have been asked before, but love the site and keep up with great work!

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In this photo you can see a Cap style helmet and Iron man's helmet under Mandarin's boot.
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I loved AoA Nightcrawler in Uncanny X-force and I want to know what happens to him but I've never read any of the titles this crossover involves.

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I didn't enjoy the first issue but I like Dani Moonstar and the cover, so I might give this another try.

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No more Greg Land? And the whole Comic Vine community let out a collective sigh of relief. Haha