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The main difference between this characters is that Wonder Woman has an Ideal and a fight wich is her own. Meanwhile Storm's fight has allways been the X-Men's fight, or the mutant's fight. Indeed a lot of people talk about Storm's depht of character...but if you really look at her objectively...she is quite shallow. Wonder Woman has circumstances and experiences wich are exclusive to her and no other character. Plus any daughter of Zeus should be imune to thunder, lightning and wind.

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my vote goes to Sersi. Check Avengers 373 cover ;) she looks awesome....

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I Hope Resurrection man doesn't get the axe. Hawkman will probably get cancele and switch to Earth 2 like Mr. Terrific. I'm telling you this Liefield guy is toxic he damages everything he gets his hands on. So tu sum up Hawkman, Legion Lost, JlI, and Red Lanterns get the Axe. I think Dial H should just be a mini. I hope sometime before next year Hawk and Dove get another chance without Liefield, or at least get included in JLAdark or other title.

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I think Smallville has been a great acomplishment of Warner bros and DC. It is proof that there is a lot of people who crave to se DC characters in live action. As a big screen movie or just a TV series. A very interesting aproach would be for DC to make a group of miniseries that continued into a big screen movie. It would be kind of cool.

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Gamesmaster is the most powerful male mutant, and Firestar is the most powerful female mutant.

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I've been reading Cpt Atom and Ranita is a great character. However I am eager to see Rampage soon in the new 52. Rampage was an exeptional character and was spotlighted greatly in the Starman series...but once that title got cancelled she was seldomly used. I hope the New 52 gives Rampage some prominence in one of their titles...maybe in Red Hood and the Outlaws...it would be interesting seeing her interact with the characters there and they could use someone smart on the team. I must also point out that even though people tend to oversee it Supergirl is a very smart woman with great technological and scientific knowledge...in the new 52 it is hinted that she is took after her father who was a scientist...

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The art is great and the writing has been good too. Scott has taken his time to establish his characters, the situation they are going trough and the antagonist in an entertaining way without being boring. However its time to get past this N.O.W.H.E.R.E. and into other villians. If there is something I have to criticize about the New 52 is that the first arcs are taking forever. This was meant to be introductory arcs and should have been fast paced and entertaining...at least until they got readers hooked. Afterwards they could have gone into the six issues story arcs...just saying...

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Actually I'd like to see the JLI crew. Fire, Ice, Blue Beetle, Gold...the whole gang....

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This new incarnation of Starfire is more than meets the eye. I like the fact that even in this super sensual, sometimes phylosophical, hard as nails chick...you can actually see that she is broken, damaged, and ultimately decieved by herself. Her advice was preatty logical and like real people, sometimes we can give great advice but not follow it. I think that one of the best things the writer has managed to convey through this characters is that they are not perfect, they are far from that but very close to humans allover the world with doubts and insecurities...Red Hood and the Outlaws its a great book for the broken heroes in search of Rehab and assylum I just hope that we can also see how they redeem themselves and come out from their shortcomings.

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Its been a nice surprise, I had never been a Hawkman fan but I did like his part in Brightest day so I decided to give it a try. So far its been good. The first few issues have introduced his powers and his way of living wich has served as the starting point of his adventures. I like the way this title tells a very tight story in a few issues without dragging things too much. The story with the mortis orb makes an interesting change of pace, from sci fi to horror, and I kind of like how the writer is keeping things interesting and uncomplicated. However Its time to go introspective on the Hawk to give him a solid personality and character, plus I eagerly await the appearance of Hawkgirl. I'm still following this one but haven't commited to it.