Avengers vs Thunderbolts


By Newsarama Staff

Marvel’s attack of the one-image teasers continued Wednesday morning with this Greg Land-drawn look at a November match-up pitting the Avengers (with Steve Rogers, Super Soldier and not Bucky-Cap) against the Thunderbolts.

No word from Marvel whether it’s a standalone limited series or one-shot, or a crossover of monthly titles, they just simply say “Avengers Versus Thunderbolts.“


I need help in Turf Wars

Someone's gotta do it
I need  help with it I found alfred and jarvis but i dont know whos the other one.
Dont tell me the answer just tell me who the person work for


Thor vs superman


  Thor or superman? I heard about this alot but who will win? 
Watch this video for fun:
This video show the winner but it dosn't mean its true so..choose your side
  Also Give out reasons

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