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@Deranged Midget: it sure does. I would say Turner looks more like Silvestri then the other way around since Silvestri was being contracted be Turner. I would think they rubbed off on each other after working with each other on Witchblade. Silvestri was being called a Jim Lee rip-off for to long even tho he was out before him too. Silvestri is great. His style has had little tweaks to it over the years. This is a great cover tho. Cool to see Hulk in the roster even it's due to the movie coming out.

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Just googled Chronicle and Akira and was very surprised at how many people are referencing this subject.

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@Ms. Omega: I want the Hughes brothers on it again. They did an outstanding job with "From Hell" and they seemed to have the right idea when they said Akira needs to be a 2 parter movie at 2 1/2 hrs plus a veiwing to be done right sounds okay to me.

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@Vance Astro: Have you watched the show? SS hasn't faced anything like Aku. Jack has only lost to Aku on a number of times due to dumb luck to keep the show going. Plus his sword has cut thru adamantium. SS has never ever faced the numbers Jack has or the sized villians or showed the intelligence that Jack has. His sword is cosmic in ways. Created by ................Celestials of sorts. SS truly has nothing on Jack. Jack is pretty much Jedi Master badass with the TK abilties but his reflexes are that of having a spider-sence or even being able to react as fast as those to a Jedi. It's all in the show. It's all been explained in the show. The show is goofy for sure, but SS just doesn't have shit on him. I reccommend watching them. DL them and watch them on a viewer. Look for "Jack vs the Ninja" just to see how cool the show can be.

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@oldmagic: this plus Jack "Jump Good"

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the Wolverine and the X-Men cover is AWSOME

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I just Chronicle and LOVED it. It's really really cool. A little short for the money I spent going to see a movie but I was happy none the less. I reccommend seeing it if you (dare I say it) like super hero movies. I did find a lot of what reminded me of Akira. I never read the comics but I've seen the animated film. The original and the remade voiceover for what comes off like the dialogue was re-written for less educated veiwers. (anyone else get that feeling) I don't know how to put spoiler blocks on here so if you did not see the movie and don't want anything spoiled do continue to read. I'm pretty sure the related material was coincidence but ya never know. For one, the geeky kid who is picked on all the time. The ending with the fight againt police/military (hospital scrubs included) and the apex predator reference. In the film Akira there is scene where the hero (Kenada) and the heroine (don't remember) are having a conversation about evolution that reminded me a lot of what our antagonist (Andrew) tells the audience about something called the Apex Predator. The top of the eco system where the killing by one does not feel remorse on the basis of being on top of the food chain. A lion does not feel remorse for killing a gisele. A human does not feel remorse for killing a fly. Akira had a MUUUUUUCH more drawn out version of this same thing with a few more tweaks in it. Anyone else see this after seeing the movie?? Anyone else want to see Akira made really badly into a live action film now also. I agree with the Hughes brothers too. It has to be no less then a 2 part movie.

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@sora_thekey: I think you are on to something here. First the 2 teams fight each other, then they fight the Phoenix force together. The Phoenix taking a mutant as it's host and Iron Man Sentinal tech to help fight it.

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what??? what other reptilian???

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This sold me. Sure there are going to be things that are going to make the Fanboys go nuts, but it looks great. Darker, never thought I'd say that about a Spider-Man movie. Garfield looks the man also. I can't wait.