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sure this has been done before. That's why I'm putting down a date. I don't want to know what people were reading 2 years, 1 years or 6 months ago. What are people reading now. Please don't put Uncanny X-Force or Batman, those are givens and some might say "stupid" answers.

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we'll see how this goes. If it's good then I say scrap the 52 revamp (it sucks so far) and just start right here.

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Blue Beetle is just crap right now. I read a few and it's garbage. I would like to see him on one of the teams. JLI looked like it was going to be good but I don't like it either right now. To bad. The dude from the Real World really did an OUTSTANDING job on the mini-series that was running along side the other mini. The crappy one with all the cool covers. I think it was called Brighest Day.

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Now they can bring Galvatron. To bad they used Nimoy for Sentinel Prime. I love the T.F. movies. All of them are great.

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one thing I wanted to see with the 52 revamp was some dead characters back from the dead without an explination. BRING ON DOCTOR LIGHT!!!!

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They put in it what needed to put in it for non-comic book readers to watch it. A show that would just have friendly arguments on something like..........the best Robin.............would be boring. they have to put some of the stuff they put in to keep it going. plus it was hour long. People don't like it, don't watch it. I enjoyed it enough to come back to it.

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With AVX coming soon, and the size of the both teams now consisting with a much larger team size then their first battles, where is the FF in this? You would think that Reed Richards, being the Tony Stark Kiss ass would team up with him. Sure the Thing is an Avenger so why wouldn't call his pals? Plus Spider-Man being a FF member also. Anyone else wonder this? With how Marvel likes to sell comics think about all the FF fans that would have picked this up too.

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I wonder if any non-mutants from the Avengers will trade sides and hang with the X-Men. This is actually an event Im looking forward too. Never thought I'd see Gambit fight Captain America, but it sounds like a good idea to me. The both of them having the agility they do. Sounds cool. Plus some of the other covers look interesting. Im so sick of events because it takes away from everything else for so long but this looks good to me for some reason. Also wondering why Protector and Thor are duking it out since both are Avengers. I have a weird feeling, as a way to get Protector a some more recognition, he's going to beat Thor. Just watch, you'll see.

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I don't get it. Another universe. Sure there was an Earth 2 but this is not it. Anyone who wants to argue needs just look at the pick. Earth 1 is coming now that E1 Superman is here and Batman is on the way. The mainstream universe, that everyone seemed happy with, is now gone. Except for Batman and Green Lantern. They more or less were not touched. Kyle Rayner was, but it doesn't seem like the other G.L.'s were. It's stupid. The books are okay, but for myself they are not as much fun to read as they were. Batman and Robin, and Batman are great, but they already were. G.L. is dragging along and taking forever to get were it's going and it's been 6 months. SINESTRO IS GL!!! WOW!!! Okay, get on with it already. Deathstroke is getting better but now Rob Liefield is taking over...............Crap.................I don't care if there's all these new universes DC is making, but make them side books, give us our mainstream books back. You know why they won't. Because if they were here, we'd drop a lot of the shit being written right now. I don't like the "New Reader" BS they are giving us, because a lot of the books are even more confusing then before. They are not doing anything to help new readers on who they are that they couldn't do before in a flashback sequence in the mainstream U. It's garbage, but for some reason I keep reading. I think, like I do with Birds of Prey, becasue they gave Barbarra Gordon her legs back, I'll boycott it. Not that it will make a difference.

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I couldn't agree more with this article. Speaking of "Hear of Ice" it might be the single best episode from the best cartoon ever.