Excited about the Amazing Spider-man movie? I am!

Lately I've seen a lot of complaints about the new Spider-man movie, especially on imdb.com!  I guess I could see people's point, but I'm about to explain WHY I believe this movie will rock.  Yea, it's a little early for a reboot, but what else is Sony going to do?  Tobey and Sam Raimi left due to creative differences, and everyone knows that when you replace an actor and attempt to continue the series, it doesn't do as well.  Sure the Dark Knight got away with it when they replaced the love interest, but she blew up anyways.  In my opinion, it's hard to continue a series without the same lead actor.  So in my opinion, a reboot was the best idea.  Besides, I have faith in Andrew Garfield.  I still remember back when everyone was complaining about Heath Ledger as the Joker!  There were SO many people making Brokeback Mountain jokes and claiming he could never be half the Joker the Nicholson was!  Now look?  He's arguably the best interpretation to Joker to date!  All I'm saying is even though Garfield is a lot older than your typical high schooler or even college kid, he has a lot of potential.  So as I said before...  Here are the reasons I'm excited for this movie and also why I feel it will separate itself from the already classic Raimi movies. 
Peter's Parents: 
Woah!  Peter's parents are FINALLY getting put into something other than the comics?  Recently I read an article from Marc Webb himself saying this movie will focus a lot on Peter trying to discover his parent's past, and what exactly happened to them.  He also confirmed that this will NOT be the same story in Amazing Spider-man, in which they were CIA agents.  He said this will be their own creative ideas, and I am VERY excited for this.  There are endless opportunities you could do with his parents to spice up this movie!  One of the main focuses of the original film was Ben as Peter's "father figure" and then Norman coming in attempting to be another "father figure."  In this one, Peter is trying to discover the origins of his original father while also having to deal with the loss of another man who has also been raising him.  Although Conners may reflect Norman in the original movie, we will hopefully be able to bring in more of a bond between the two.  Still, the idea of bringing in Peter's parents is fantastic and original.  Hopefully his search will carry on into the 2nd movie so we can learn even more about this world Marc Webb will be reimaging. 
The Lizard: 
Sam Raimi teased this guy for so long only for Sony to tell him that a villain without a human face would not be allowed in his 4th movie.  The fact that Sony gave in to this idea is great.  I've always loved the Lizard as a character, especially with the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde persona.  From the "leaked" images I've seen, the Lizard looks great.  It reminds me a lot of the Lizard from the recent Amazing story titled "Shed."  Curt going from struggling scientist to an insane beast is going to be epic. 
Andrew Garfield: 
A lot of people have been complaining that this guy has an "emo look," but honestly I don't see it.  Especially if you compare him to Tobey in Spider-man 3!  Just because he has crazy looking hero and a crazy style doesn't make him emo.  This new movie is supposed to have a dark tone and it looks like they have modernized Peter Parker even more than ever before.  Besides, anybody who has read the comics knows that most of the stories can get depressing at times, even in Ultimate Spider-man.  But then when Peter changes into Spider-man his personality does too.  Hopefully we'll get a Peter Parker that jokes under the mask.  I've heard a lot of rumors that he won't, but just as much that he will.  All that I can say is that from the trailer it looks like Andrew Garfield will do a great job portraying our modern day struggling teenager. 
What can I say, I'm a big fan of the webshooters.  Raimi never believed that a kid Peter's age could be able to build this, but Peter is supposed to be a genius.  With today's technology, attainability to Osborn's labs, and notes from his dad's brief case; it can and will happen!! 
The suit: 
A lot of people have been complaining about the suit, but I think it's great.  It looks like something that could be made in your basement!  It always bothered me how Tobey made it in the first movie.  I mean....  Those webs were intense!  Don't get me wrong, I love the original Spidey suit, but it would take a tailor to do that!  Especially the webs!  Not to mention the whole thing probably costs about $1000 dollars!  I know I can't find one for any cheaper!  This new suit has been referred to as looking like "a basketball."  To me it reminds me of any athletic wear such as Under Armour or something.  Obviously Peter would think to stitch together something like this because he'll be swinging around and moving a lot.  Besides, if the suit got too complicated I'd start to wonder why he was working at the Daily Bugle and wasn't a fashion designer!!  The shoes attached to the bottom are a nice touch.  I'm looking forward to some people releasing how to make this costume sometime next year. 
Everything else:  
This movie just looks great to me.  I'm liking just about everything I've heard about it.  I mean, they even brought in my favorite love interest for Pete!!  Let's just hope Norman doesn't get his hands on her (violently or sexually!!!).
Hopefully there are some others out there just as excited as I am about this movie!  It's a year away, but I'm ready to see it now!!  I'm ready for Spider-man, are you!?