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I'm more pumped for this than I am Avengers: Age of Ultron and Batman/Superman combined. It's about time that superheroes get the dark, bloody, gritty violence that they deserve.

Do you really want every superhero movie to be grimdark?

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"So like why does he sound different?"
"He sustained damage to his throat."

Gotta love how they take a moment to address it and move on.

Oddly enough the grossest part was the fact that Leo's vomit and the Creep's blood look like the Fruity Pebbles I used to eat as a kid. I don't think I'll be able to look at a bowl of cereal and milk the same way.

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This episode was like a punch in the heart! The only thing that bugged me was that the difference between Dominic Catrambone and Jason Biggs' versions of Leo seemed way more pronounced compared to earlier episodes.

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but he's rich. why would penguin need to work? hmmm

In the Arkham games his family squandered their fortunes trying to keep up with the Waynes. He was also sent to study abroad which may imply that he's unwanted by them as well.

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@teerack said:
@inferiorego said:

The Red Skull’s unmatched psychic potential knows no bounds. And he has yet to reveal his master plan. A dark secret that promises to shatter the fragile alliance of A and X – and leave broken bodies in its wake. A secret stretching back to the days of the super hero Civil War. A secret poised to upend the life of Tony Stark and all he cares for.

Oh my god if this goes back to the story Ben Urich didn't run back in Civil War it's going to blow my damn mind.

I don't see how this incident would relate to the X-Men but I remember reading that issue and loving the ramifications.

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@jashro44 said:

I should probably rephrase. What I mean is by cyclops senses are that all though he doesn't have enhanced senses he has shown the ability to fight blind, so he is capable of relying on his other senses (hearing). That and cyclops has shown some great spacial awareness, plus as you said he is pretty tactical. So if they do throw gas down cyclops will probably have made note of the environment and because of his ability to stay aware of the environment and relying on his hearing he could potentially tag them through the smoke. So on one hand thats not a foolproof strategy IMO. I'm not saying stealth can't work but I think cyclops has his counters for stealth.

And thats assuming that there plan can even work in the first place. Yes its a good strategy but I think there are other issues in it. Cyclops has the greater range power and accuracy so he is going to be making nightwing hop around the battle for the most part. I don't think cyclops is going to be standing in one spot especially if one of his enemies is gone. He is going to move around the environment while trying to maintain distance. If he moves somewhere else, how will Damian know about that?

Here's a more detailed description of what I'm thinking. I'm rather sleepy right now so my apologies if I've left something out.

When I said they'd throw smoke for good measure I meant they'd do it in hopes that it'd impair his vision but they wouldn't bank on it being effective. For all they know Cyke could be a human sharpshooter like Deadshot but with a visor/mask for a gun. The gun could be equipped with sensors like infrared, which negates all cover offered by smoke and shadow. Regardless of whether Cyke actually has night-vision, the duo would probably opt to stay out of his line of sight and close the distance by running across the roofs or through the buildings.

With them out of sight, Cyke will try to deduce their position through hearing like you stated. His ears tie into his spatial awareness, which should allow him to hear, pinpoint, and intercept all batarangs thrown at him, including ones that boomerang in from odd angles. That being said, I'm pretty sure Cyke's range of hearing is baseline. Dick and Damian could prearrange to booby trap a sewer section out of his earshot. Then Dick would attempt to keep Cyke preoccupied while Damian rigs the explosives.

As a strategist Cyke will without a doubt notice that one of his opponents is missing and assume a trap is being set, but there should be no way for him to detect Damian's presence underground. Depending on the strength of the explosives and the quantity in the utility belt, Damian will either be able to rig an entire street or a small area the size of a man-hole. A larger area allows for a greater margin of error but Damian would have to close the distance once Cyke falls into the sewers. A smaller area would be more tricky to execute but Cyke would be in melee range. My assumption is that Dick and Damian have special Waynetech radios that allow them to communicate despite one of them being underground. It would allow them to coordinate the trap and you're right that without it this scenario would have a much lower chance of succeeding.

Also, the gas grenades were mentioned by another commenter, not myself. While it could be an effective way to force Cyke into close quarters, I feel the use of knock-out gas is out of character for the Bat family. If it were a regular tool in their utility belts they'd wear gas masks like the Sandman.

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@jashro44 said:

Do you have an example of the team utilizing stealth on someone with the senses and awareness cyclops has?

I haven't read any of the X-Men in over a year so Cyke probably has feats that I'm unaware of but I doubt he can detect when someone is in a sewer tunnel beneath him unless he has telepathy or something akin to spider-sense. And stealth is a given for the Bat family. Robin could find a manhole cover out of sight and earshot of Cyke to get below him.

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Presumably each side will attempt to incapacitate the other. This will reveal Dick and Damian's penchant for ranged gadgetry and melee as well as Cyclops's ridiculous accuracy and spatial awareness.

The duo will notice the parallels to Deadshot and switch to stealth. They'll assume Cyke's visor has nightvision and other optical enhancements but they knock out the street lights and obscure the area with smoke for good measure.

They'll attempt to force him into close quarters but Cyke isn't some knucklehead that they can lure/goad into a building or alleyway. He'll keep to the open street but they can use that their advantage. While Dick keeps Cyke preoccupied, Damian can take to the sewers and rig either a whole tunnel or a single spot in a tunnel with low-grade explosives. The explosion will collapse the street and drop Cyke into the sewers, right next to Damian which should force him into melee. I don't know the extent of Cyke's close-quarter skills but I think in a 2v1 scenario D&D will triumph in hand-to-hand.

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Tokka is that you??

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@techherofan said:

Bane is such an underrated character mostly due to to media portrayal as a roid monkey. Underneath all those muscles lies the mind of a tactical genius Arkham War and Knight Fall are two great showing of that.

You should watch the Young Justice episode featuring him if you haven't. His intellect / pragmatism really shines through.