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Gotham City has been many things? Please cite some examples because the only time I've seen it be anything but dour is in the Adam West TV series and recently during the Gothtopia story. Gotham is meant to be bleak and hopeless as a contrast to Metropolis's identity as the "City of Tomorrow" and both are the night and day clichés of NYC. Batman and Superman are meant to be contrasts as well so it stands to reason that if Superman visits Gotham he's going to be in a location that's the opposite of cheery Metropolis.

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So you're being sarcastic. That doesn't change the fact that your complaint is pointless. Gotham is dark and gritty so the poster is perfectly fine as is.

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Are you a Cable fan? I ask because whenever I see Deathstroke's New 52 costume I think it's Cable hiding under the mask.

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@br_havoc said:

The suit looks fine, but the backdrop is a joke. Did they just paste this picture of Superman over a Dark Knight rises background?

At this point we all get it you want dark and gritty, no matter how tired some or silly it's starting to be.

Did you miss the part where the title is called Batman v Superman? And that Supes will probably be visiting Gotham? It looks like a Dark Knight Rises background because that IS Gotham.

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Whoever signed off on that ponytail for Young Justice should be shamed.

Agreed. It was a bit of an eyesore on an otherwise decent outfit.

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I went to Wookipedia to look up Boba Fett's feats but reading his entry is like trying to drink from a firehose. Can someone provide a summary of his feats in Star Wars' (now non-canon) Expanded Universe? I know he escaped the Sarlacc and eventually became leader of the Mandalorians but beyond that I know nothing.

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Damn that was a punch to the gut at the end. I guess I should have seen it coming though. Whenever something good happens to heroes on a show it's just to set us up for heartache :(

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luthor next robin: CONFIRMED.

Absolutely genius. And this scene parallels Tim Drake's original introduction doesn't it?

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Well it shows how my bias mirrors yours :). Ultimately I feel all three jobs (penciling, inking, coloring) should ideally be done by the same person but I see how the division speeds up the process and allows for mixing and matching of styles.