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I knew it!  If we weren't more then halfway through the cross over I would not even bother reading the rest.  If you go back and read my review of Siege (I think #2) when Ares died, I tore into their decision to kill Ares.  We had been teased that that issue "an Avenger dies!"...yeah sorta! It was Ares...who was barely an Avenger to begin with (Dark Avengers only barely count) and he wasnt one for very long.  So first they kill a half-pointless character and try to make it seem important and the...

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Apocky Lips Jr. 0

Now I still maintain the the old X-Force was better.  Not the old old one, but last year's X-Force with Elixir and X-23 and co was stellar.  They had just the right amount of bloodthirsty killers and voices of reason to make them work, and I really think they should have kept the roster (and added Psylocke) and kept the numbering.  However, I really have to give them this one...Apocalypse as a child? AWESOME :)  We've seen him come back and back and back over and over again and they've even pre-...

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Re-Assembly Line 0

What can I say? I loved it!  In a world where storylines have more "tie-ins" then actual parts of the story, I wasn't really sure I was gonna like the entire Chaos War at all.  However, so far I've been relatively surprised by how its turned out.  I like it because you don't have to read 7 years of continuity just to follow the story and I like it because it doesn't seem like its going to bleeding endlessly into one galaxy spanning crossover after another.  Now this particular part of the story ...

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All-new All different...AGAIN??????? 0

Look its the I mean the New Mu...ah Generation X? No...New X-...darn...hmmm lets see how about the Youn...  Oh i got it! Generation Hope...the newest next generation of mutants! Really? Again? Did we really need an entire other book for this team when we have X-men: Legacy wasting away filled with second tier characters in mildly entertaining stories that just exist to showcase Rogue and Magneto getting together? Dont take this the wrong way...I am thrilled that the mutant race is at l...

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Who's nigh-omnipotent??? 0

Ok i will start out by saying that i have loved the Dark X-men.  Honestly.  From "The Beginning" i thought it was a great team, and i also thought that losing Cloak, Dagger, and Namor was good because it made them a team of all villains (more or less Pointer and Mimic are just way lost).  Then i heard that they were getting another limited series and that it would feature the return of X-man! I almost died when i heard that...but now that its over i have to say that i have a few issues, mostly w...

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Selene Rising 0

If any of you follow my blogs and reviews you might have read my mid-crossover blog about Necrosha and wether it was all it could be.  Well I have to say that X-Force #24 has changed my mind about this storyline considerably.  Finally, an issue that was worthy of the hype that had been built up around this whole thing!  I complained about Blink and Thunderbird the most and they for the most part delivered this issue, Thunderbird (all decomposed and decrepit, as he should be) showed us that while...

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One of the more disappointing moments in Psylocke's history. 0

I read Psylocke # 4 last night and I truly lost a bit of respect for the characters featured in this book.  I'm going to come right out and say it at the beginning...X-MEN ARE NOT MURDERERS.  Under any circumstances, the X-men do not kill.  It is what sets them apart from all the other mutants fighting for what they believe is the right thing.  The Brottherhood, The Alcolytes, Apocalypse...they all think they are doing what is best for the world but its their methods that make them 'evil".  In t...

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Who will lead them next? 0

So after reading New Mutants #10 i have to say i was pleasantly surprised by the entire set up.  Clearly from issue #1 this series was meant to be just a throwback for old fans.  Emma made a good point, there really wasn't any good reason for Cyclops to allow that team to exist, there arent really any other set squads anymore except for Astonishing and the X-Club (which barely counts as a real squad).  I was some what expecting that this series would be canceled after 12 issues and i was ok with...

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Exciting and gruesome! 0

I've been collecting comic on and off for about 20 years and i jsut came back earlier this year after about 7 or 8 years off (i stopped right after Jean Grey died).  So i wasnt actively collecting during Disassembled, House of M, Decimation, Civil War, or Secret Invasion but i decided to pick everything back up and see where we were.  Siege is the first Marvel U (as opposed to X-universe which i picked up again with Utopia) crossover i have picked up brand new from the shelves and i am NOT disap...

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