Most Powerful Mutants (In no specific order)

Worlds most powerful mutants (IMO of course)
i KNOW there are mega powerful mutants that i am forgetting so definitely tell me some others so i can add them! No mutates! No aliens! Just straight up "born with an x-factor" mutants.  Think upper level Alphas and Omega mutants, not just "well they beat ??? that one time"

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nice powerful list =)

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love this list

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I would say Magneto is more powerful than Xavier, but otherwise this list is great x]

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@angeldust616: I think you missed the part of "no specific order" :)
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@Gold Dust Boi: lol, absent-minded as usual x]

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Technically Jean Grey is not a powerful mutant. The Phoenix is powerful.

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@jussieyes: Jean Grey is a really powerfull mutant without the Phoenix she is capable of splitting a human mind and hiding the fractions in the minds of all human on Earth without the aid of cerebro, she has been stated to have stronger telepathy then Xavier, he telekinesis has ripped apart spaceships, or taken apart small devices showing great control, and her shields have withstood blast from binary powered Carol Danvers. So yeah Jean deserves to be on this list lots of people overlook her powers because most of her big feats are while shes Phoenix

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Mister M and Proteus.

Also, I'm glad you put Selene up there, since I think she is often ignored and/or underrated. :-)