Whose Fault Is M-Day?

When a storyline is followed up by an event called the Decimation, its a big deal.  I mean lets forget that the entire storyline took place in a warped reality (not an alternate timeline, but this reality...warped), but it ended with 95-99%, depending on who you ask, of mutants losing their powers in one form or another.  The truly lucky ones were turning 100% baseline human, however, a large portion of the now-former mutants were left with remnants or consequences from their lost mutations (like Marrow and Blob) and many still simply died for one reason or another (Magma's boyfriend Antonio or poor Wing).  With so much tragedy also came much blame being thrown around.  But whose fault was it really?

The obvious answer of course is Wanda Maximoff, the mutant Scarlet Witch.  It was her powers that killed many Avengers and destroyed Avengers Mansion before warping reality into the House of M and last but not least, as she reverted the world to somewhat normal, she cast her spell to depower the mutants of the world.  Whether she was in her right mind or not, it was her mutant hex and magic abilities that wreaked so much havoc upon her friends and family.  But what caused her to do this? 

What about Janet Van Dyne?  In her own giggly drunken state she started blabbing about Wanda's lost children, causing Wanda to begin her slide off the deep end.  As the Wasp, Janet has been in all sorts of dire situations and probably, I suspect, more then her fair share of parties and drunken moments.  So why suddenly after a few simple cocktails by the pool could she not hold her own tongue when she's done so many times at Avengers or UN functions in the past?  So maybe she gets a bit of blame of Avengers Disassembled, but did she cause House of M or M-Day?

How about Pietro Maximoff, the arrogant speedster Quicksilver?  He's been an Avengers and an X-associate for many years and at the first sign of these teams thinking to harm his sister, and he runs to Daddy?  A father, I might add, that he has denounced over and over through the years and he has fought against as a members of the two superhero teams.  Keep in mind that while Wanda had already caused much destruction, she was now sedate and calm and no longer hurting anyone, so I don't suspect that they were ACTUALLY going to kill her at that moment.  Yet, Quicksilver felt like then was the exact moment to steal his unconscious and deranged sister and bring her to his still-sort-of-evil father for help?  Not to Professor X, who happened to be handy, but to the attempted world-conquering Magneto?  Perhaps not the brightest of moves Pietro...

And yes, let's talk about Max Eisenhardt (aka Erik Lensherr aka the mutant terrorist Magneto).  Now granted that he didn't know for many years that the twins were his children, but ignorance is no excuse for tyranny and abuse towards people that (for one reason or another) are helping you in your crusade.   And even once he discovered they were his children, he never once put their needs before his or the needs of mutants at large.  Even after finding out their lineage he continued he continued to crusade against their respective teams (Avengers and X-Factor) and ignore any familial responsibility or obligation he had.  Even at their worst points as enemies, Mystique always cared about Rogue and Nightcrawler in her own way (and back in the 80's Rogue and Mystique had many mother/daughter moments in between battle).  

There's been much debate and controversy as to who is truly responsible for M-Day, and the truth is that its everyone and no one's fault.  Each of these people (and many other, like Wolverine and the rest of the Avengers/X-men in general) had their own parts to play and it is tough to lay blame squarely on just one person.  Its easy to say that Wanda went nuts and wreaked havoc on everyone around her but we would be remiss and irresponsible to ignore the parts of fault that lay on her brother, father and best friend.

So there is some food for thought, until we find out that someone masterminded the entire thing and it was really none of their faults.
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Posted by MrUnknown

Quiksilver he made her say those words and then later even profited off some mutants that lost their powers with a gimmick to give them their powers back.

Posted by AprilTaylor

Magneto actually took care of Wanda when she had her meltdown. He even had Xavier to try to help her telepathically. Quicksilver is the one who put the thoughts into her head to change the world to suit them.

Posted by AtraCruor

Magneto never really acknowledge his children as his children because he has so much survivor's guilt and feels he has a greater responsibility to the safety of mutant kind.   Ironically, it's the death of a human that finally makes him become Magneto xD 
The blame really lies all on Pietro.  He is the one that, taking advantage of his sister's damaged mental state, caused her to warp reality as she did.  House of M wasn't even the world Magnus wanted and it angers him so badly that he kills Pietro.  His death leading Wanda to "wipe out" the mutant race.  Was it wrong of Magneto to kill his son? Of course.  However, Pietro had taken advantage of Wanda, who Magneto showed legetiment concern over for her life, and her mental state which Magneto was clearly aware of, and had her create a world that Magnus did not want. 
Imo, Magneto would drift away into obscurity if there ever came the time where the mutant race did not have to worry about persecution and genocide  Would there be some still, sorta like the KKK?  Yeah but I think he could accept that.   
Back on subject, all the events lead back to Quicksilver using his metally unstable sister which threw so much off balance that there world was going to be destroyed anyway, so Magneto really could arguably be the savior of the world by killing his son because it made Wanda bring the world back.
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I see it this way: 
-Wanda had mental-illnesses that were stewing for a long period of time that were provoked by her reality-altering powers. Ultimately and most unfortunately, it gave her a poor and often confused sense of reality. To make matters worse, she just so happens to make her hallucinations and delusions a partial reality with her powers. Think of how dangerous it would be if a schizophrenic could subconsciously summon their hallucinations for a moment. 
-I see Wanda's mental state as a main instigator behind M-day but I don't hold her accountable the way I do others because she was so sick and so confused at the time I don't think her actions were reflective of her sense of morals.  I also see her particular situation to be more complicated than just a crime of passion or genocide like some have proposed....
-Don't forget, Pietro was the one whose idea it was to intercept and amplify Xavier's powers as well as change the entire planet while Wanda was contemplating suicide and really wasn't certain the conversation she was having with him was even real at all. So for that he's accountable in a major way....
-I also think Magneto wasn't helpful seeing as how he bludgeoned Pietro to death before Wanda...
-I wouldn't hold Wasp accountable as much as I would the Avengers for keeping this thing a secret. Wanda's powers weren't comparable to what they were now when she first lost her children, if they had told her sooner it would've been easier to deal with. 
- I also think the plan to storm the House of M using a sentinel as a trojan horse to attack "the house of M" was a terrible decision. Wanda was the nexus of reality that point solely because of the trauma she faced in losing her sons. Was it wise to attack her family directly whereas they easily could've infiltrated the palace with the many former field agents on the squad (which Queen Veranke was revealed to have done anyways all on her own). They really should've listened to Kitty when she said "This feels wrong"

Posted by AgeofHurricane

The fact that the Avengers kept her children's lives a secret from Wanda hold them accountable for some of what happened during the House Of M.

Posted by Gold Dust Boi

@AgeofHurricane: I totally agree...I singled out Wasp and Quicksilver, but the Avengers as a whole definitely have some responsibility for what happened...