Repowering the Mutants...Too Soon?

So at this point the fact that Wanda's returned and may or may not start repowering mutants is no longer news and these aren't spoilers.

I've been reading and posting on several different forums sites and this topic has sparked QUITE the controversy.  Yes even I have succumbed to some sniping with people who have opposing (dare I even say "warring") opinions.

So far opinion has been very split whether or not Wanda should be back and repowering mutants, and, further, what does this mean for M-Day, Decimation, Hope Summers, and the years of gripping stories about the struggling depowered mutants we've been reading?  


On one hand, there are those who feel very strongly that it was only a matter of time before not only did Wanda come back but until all the mutants somehow got their powers back.  Now, as of now many high profile mutants have recovered their powers in one form or another (like Professor X, Magneto, Polaris, and Quicksilver to name a few), but the large bulk of the world's mutants remain depowered, and that's not even referring to the countless depowered mutants who lost their lives in the fallout from Decimation (R.I.P. Antonio, Wing, Jay Guthrie, Laurie Collins, and the 27 students who were on the exploding bus).  And let's not forget who we are dealing with here people.  Marvel Comics, as much as I love them to death, are KNOWN for ret-conning their storylines, often in colorful and elaborate ways.  This trend is part of what gives Marvel such an intricate backstory, because half of it got thought up much much later.  That's what one half of the debate is saying.

The other half does not agree.  They are appalled that after giving us years of character growth and development, they are just slipping back into something old and simple.   Some reader weren't happy to see Rictor get his powers back, and felt that it destroyed everything that the writers of X-Factor have built since the character tried to kill himself in the first issue.  Also, its easy to see how Wanda's return and repowering of mutants (even one at a time) could not only nullify Hope Summers' role as Mutant Messiah but also makes her entire journey and struggle to get back to this time somewhat less dire.  There's also, again, the depowered mutants who died, not to mention the ones who lived who wished they hadn't, which all amounts to a degree of genocide that she, whether she repowers mutants or not, is responsible for.  Most of these people think her return and the lifting of her curse could have waited, if it happened at all.

Well, I don't know that there is a right answer, just varying opinions, but lets examine the details.  First let's deal with the Hope thing.  Right off the bat: Wanda's repowering mutants and Hope is fixing the powers of new mutants so its not so much the Wanda would be invalidating Hope's purpose as much as it is Hope just not doing what we expected her to do.  Now if you want to be mad, this is the reason to do it people!  We spent over 2 years and several millenium watching this girl grow up so she could come back and save the mutants, but she only saved and really gives a crap about a handful of brand new mutants (I am sure more then one Utopia resident isn't pleased by that).  Also, back to Wanda, she very clearly isn't erasing Decimation (she said flat out that she can't) so I don't completely understand why people are so upset.  She can't give everyone back their powers, she can't resurrect the dead mutants and she can't undo the damage it all caused.  AT BEST, she can restore one mutant at a time so even IF all the mutants wanted their powers back it would take a very long time.  So really everyone's just upset that Rictor got his powers back...why?  He's proven that he doesn't need them so does that mean he should never get them back?  And isn't this why we read storylines? To see them resolved, right?  I would be upset if Wanda waved her hand and everyone got their powers back and all was well, but that's not whats happening.  This still looks like its going to be a long and arduous journey for Wanda and those around her, which to me makes it just the next chapter in this amazing story Marvel has been telling.
Posted by Shadow_Thief

It's not even this particular event that irks me, but rather the trend that it would be classified under: the tendency to try and grab attention with "big events" that are often little more than the reversal of some previous "big event." Publishers are constantly promising us that "the world will never be the same" after the next event, and I'm finding that, in most cases, it's true: the world will never seem quite as original and creative as it once did.

Posted by xmenboi11z

I agree so much. How is it that most X-fans want big characters like Danielle Moonstar and Jubilee to get their powers back but not Rictor? Both he and dani have showed they don't need to rely on their powers so now that they have the chance to claim their powers people are upset. That's stupid. And knowing that Wolverine wants to kill her is understandable but unnecessary. And it's clear what path Hope will be going down because she obviously won't be the messiah if Scarlet is back and Hope is influencing the five new mutants she "saved". Scarlet is just paying her dues now and is offering something she REALLY does not HAVE to do. But WANTS to do. In my opinion, I love where this is going because no one is opening their eyes to the obvious instead of what's in between the lines(:

Posted by GREGalicious

Im really glad WANDA is back to her old (sane) self, though just because she can return a few powers, it HARDLY makes up for all the PAIN she caused.  
She STILL has a lot of work to do to re-gain her hero status and the trust of everyone... 
I was shocked to learn that WOLVERINE of all people wanted her DEAD (w/ no chance of redemption), considering all the violence and death he's caused in his long life.

Posted by joshmightbe

long over due if you ask me 

Posted by AgeofHurricane

As long as she repowers the people students of Academy X (that WANT to be re-powered) namely Prodigy (and if they can find her) and Sofia Mantega then I'm fine, still, Sofia's one the mutants that was actually able to get on with the loss of her powers unlike Prodigy who found it hard at the time but was able to get an aspect of it back as was Sofia but in a much more different form, what I'm saying is she caused the death of a girl that i really REALLY liked and until she rights the wrongs that she did to Academy X then she hasn't done ANYTHING.

Posted by TheGoldenOne
@joshmightbe said:
long over due if you ask me