I Think Wolverine Has Some Nerve

OK So now that all is said and done, and the Schism has happened. I have to ask…Where does Wolverine get off! I know that this topic is highly controversial in comic circles, and I want to be clear that this is just my opinion.

When we were waiting for the series to start, we all had our theories as far as what the schism would be caused by. Even as it was happening my guesses were changing with every issue! Is it over how to handle Quire? Is it how to deal with the Sentinel? Is it over something else entirely?? No, it was over sending children into battle. Let me be very clear, I am by no means advocating children being sent to war. I don’t want to get any hate mail where people say that I am evil for sending kids to fight epic battles. That being said, let me repeat, Where the hell does Wolverine get off?!

I understand that what happened with Idie was awful. And yes, the children were marginally in better shape when they lived in a school. But! Come on guys this is nothing new, right? Haven’t the X-men been sending kids to battle since their very inception? Didn’t Charles Xavier recruit a 16 year old Bobby Drake and send him against a powerful terrorist foe, Magneto? Knowing full well that at that point in his crusade, the battle could have gone fatal? And I didn’t see Wolverine throwing a fit when Kitty Pryde was brought to space to battle Brood creatures. And just where was Logan when the New Mutants were traipsing through Asgard? I didn’t see him take his ball and go home after that ordeal was over because Xavier didn’t shut down that team. Back to Kitty Pryde, Wolverine couldn’t say anything to her about moving to England for Excalibur and fighting Necrom and Jaime Braddock, or Sat-yr-9 because by then he was dragging a 15 year old Jubilee (a mere 1 year old then Idie I might add) through Madripoor with a newly reconstructed, and possibly a touch insane, Psylocke then. So all these situations were fine at the time but now, when there’s only a handful of mutants left and each regularly has to fight for their own survive, he suddenly has a massive non-ignorable problem.

Again, let me clarify that I am NOT supporting the flagrant sending of children to war, but Scott has a major point that is being completely ignored. They don’t live in a world where they can hide anymore. These children are on display for friend and foe alike and are expected to fend for themselves on a regular basis. Not to mention that this specific situation they were literally the only force available to fight. While Cyclops and Wolverine were having a childish tantrum with each other, the children defeated the sentinel that defeated or scatter many of the senior members of the team. Should they be called on for that purpose as a regular occurrence, of course not, but if another force arises that requires their power and the skills they’ve been learning for years now, then why shouldn’t they be allowed to fight for their own lives. If anything they have more of a right to it then Kitty or Jubilee did because back then there were only a small number of children at a time to watch out for and a lot fewer massive threats directed at them, but now is a much larger number of children to be responsible, to the point where they couldn’t possibly be expected to keep track of each one at all times and they need to somewhat be responsible for themselves.

In the end, Wolverine is just being stubborn and unfair to Scott. It was a tough situation where tough calls had to be made. There was no right answer, there was only decisions made while trying to survive, and, in all fairness, that is exactly what Scott (or any leader) was chosen to do. No major decisions are loved by everyone at all times, but for a top general in an army (for lack of a better metaphor) to quit just because he doesn’t like a call made is both immature and, I thought, beneath him. And like it or not, the kids won the day. There were no casualties, Utopia still floats, and the major threat was defeated with little to no help from any senior members. If anything Wolverine should give credit that he made the wrong call rigging the place to blow up. He doesn’t have to like it but, in the end, Scott made the right call and deserves, if not an apology, then at least the respect he earned. But again remember, this is just my opinion and everyone is entitled to disagree with me.

Posted by XsPectre28

me personally i thought schism was going to be over the fact that wolverine brought AOA jean back with him. i think more of wolverines problem is because he had to fight & kill his children that were raised by the red right hand as well as the increasing number of "Reformed" villians that have become x-men. wolverine was always the soldier but i guess with him seeing magneto, emma, danger to say the least amongst the ranks of x-men his feelings have started to change. i think the story could have been done or even explained better but this "fued" between logan & scott has been building for years. logan is holding on to what his views of the x-men were he probably feels that he can make up & do better then xavier & scott/emma as far as headmasters go & will try to keep the kids away from fighting as much as possible. daken & x-23 play into this too as well as kitty & jubilee because of the things that they have seen & done since becoming x-men. kitty nor jubilee took lives when they first became x-men if at all dnt remember. but x-23 has been raised as a killer and was continuing to do as such thats why he sent her to find her own way. idlie shouldnt have been in the predicament she was in Quire on the other hand should have been delt with along time ago but we know that he has to be redeemed because he will become a phoenix avatar sometime in the future. jean will probably play into all this eventually & may join wolverine or maybe scott if she remains an x-man at all.