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@gokuwarrior: I think Cap takes Wolverine in popularity.

maybe,it can be a draw between the 2,they are pretty close,but i think wolverine has been more sucessful in movies and other medias because cap hasn't had the same amount of exposure yet,so maybe in a few years more he can clearly surpass wolverine.

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the most popular heros of all time too

actually i'm sure that shazam,aquaman and thor aren't one of the 10 most popular characters worldwide,i like them a lot but based on sales through the years,exposure and following.

the top 10 of the most popular are.






cap america.


wonder woman.

green lantern.


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@pokeystevyea i imagined that the list would be bigger by now.

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great colection.

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@Outside_85: characters like silver swan and cheetah are powerful enough to fight diana when they are in the hands of writers like perez and ruka,writers that know how powerful they are supposed to be to fight a powerhouse like diana,perez knew that,so he made cheetah the avatar of a god,so cheetah is divinely powered with super strength,healing factor and super speed,and her most dangerous power is her speed,she is supposed to be faster than diana(in movement speed)and diana is only able to tag her thanks to diana's reaction speed,and that's how writers like perez,ruka and simone were able to make cheetah a powerful villan for diana,but when writers like bryn ruin characters and other writers let cheetah get owned by street level characters,that's when the good work of a writer is destroyed by the stupidity of other writer.

silver sawn is also a powerhouse when she is writen properly,she has super speed,durability and her sonic beam is a very powerful attack,a way more powerful version of black canary's scream that is way above the city buster level,but again,only a few writers made silver swan that powerful which shows that only a few writers understood which is diana's power level and how powerful these villans must be to face someone in diana's league,the only writers that wrote diana and her villans properly when it comes to power level and feats are perez,ruka and simone.

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@Outside_85: the only reason why characters like silver swan,cheetah and dr pycho haven't worked sometimes is because some writer didn't really know how to do a good job with them,and of course,a lot of writers have used them as the punching bag,making a lot of street level characters humiliate them,like catwoman beating cheetah,but those villans have potential,and they only need a writer able to make them shine and be what they are supposed to be,and they better make it fast,because wonder woman having only gods as villans would be like hercules or xena TV series.

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the story is great,and the way arazello draws is really good,but i don't like the lack of action,and the fact that we still don't know what is arazello trying to do with wonder woman's power level,is he making her a street level character?,or it's just about time to see her as the powerhouse that she really is?,in 9 issues,i still don't know how powerful she is,and how this is going to afect the way that her stories will be made,i would like to know what is he trying to do with her power level,sometimes she seems barely above peak humans,the next time she is throwing a van with complete ease,and i'm like,make up your mind arazello!,is she a street level now?,or is she a super powerful warrior with gods like power?.

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wonder woman has more fans,but not all fans worldwide voted. and marvel vs dc isn't cannon,beacuse it was voted,you can't say a character win just cos it had more votes,for example,if storm fights against catwoman and loses beacuse was decided by votes,i wouldn't agree with people saying catwoman can actually beat storm,beacuse we know storm can own catwoman,and would own her if the fight isn't decided by votes. the same happened in that other fight,wonder woman is way more powerful than storm,and in a real fight she would win,beacuse of the reasons i already said. but i agree with you that storm vs val was bad written,the writters are messing with storm lately. the video that you showed me is good,but it's a videogame,and it doesn't count. wonder woman is much,much more powerful in the comics. like in videogames storm is also weak,she is much,much powerful in the comics.

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storm can beat val if she can keep her long range attack advantage,but being KO with one hit isn't bad,beacuse storm hasn't special durability,just normal durability,and normal reflexes. what i don't understand is why you bring up the comic where storm beats wonder woman,that isn't canon and was fan voted,and that doen't mean storm has more fans ethier. first:wonder woman is more powerful than storm,she is much stronger,and much faster than storm in both,movement and reaction speed,and yes wonder woman is much faster than lightning as well,wonder woman is also much more durable,and a much better fighter,now she can control zeus lightning and can create an invicible force field with her bracelets(all of this is wonder woman before the new 52). second:storm hasn't the same fan base,wonder woman is much more popular,in the EE.UU,and worldwide,anyone who know nothing about comic,knows wonder woman,even my neighbor's cat knows her,that is why wonder woman is the most(and only) iconic female hero worldwide,and is called the queen of the super heroines. i love storm,i just wanted to make this clear.