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 Make the portal open up to gotham city instead and he turns the buildings of his choosing to infested temples in a day after running through the opposition. Doom Magneto and Dr Manhattan are just annoying characters in vs threads much more than supes, wolverine, goku, or galactus imo.

Sorry for consecutive posts
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Yeah what games has doom been in? Those games where you can pick marvel heroes and run around with a top down view so by your deku stick logic nightcrawler or blade can beat doom. I also love how doom supporters ask for proof that ganondorfs power can't be absorbed, It's a gods power even if doom absorbs power from one god doesn't mean he can with all of them. Silver arrows are retcon'd I'd say and besides ganondorf basically always comes back basically he couldn't self-revive one time and others revived him. His minions can be good also think remple bosses like bongo bongo ( an invisible giant ghost). He split an island badly in ww. Just accept he wouldn't be easy to kill at all as hes backed by 1 of seemingly only 3 gods from a different dimension ( one of whom backs up Link who's no punk nor is he an elf).

Also the IG is irrelevant though it'd probably work at very least it could retrive the Master Sword though.
But yeah Doom would win but he's so annoyingly cheap for a non god character.  
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No triforce, so basically Ganondorf from the beginning of ocarina of time? If so then most likely wolvie as little purple fireballs that knock down children won't hurt him. Ganondorf rushed to kill the sage at one point but seems generally slow.

With the triforce of power he's immortal and would win I doubt wolvie would figure out to use silver or weapons with good or holy magic but even if he did it would most likely be temporary. Do we ever see Link fight in cutscenes, you gotta assume Ganondorf is good at fighting from WW and TP.
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seems legit lol, seriously what about the super mega rasengan from movie 8 or the power of love rasengan from movie 12
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So DareDevil doesn't use super hearing but mental radar? I was going to say Wesker is obviously faster than sound. If DD is just a peak human though realistically he wouldn't be able to react. 

Weskers main weakness is arrogance possibly followed by stamina as he never seems to 'flash step' very far, but even in short bursts It's devastating. He could've killed chris and sheva he was just arrogant and stupid ( walking around in sunglasses after they turn out the lights).

So Wesker since he's the coolest RE character, he's so cool he almost makes up for the fact that RE games are no longer scary.
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Asura is like a god he fights a galactus size guy at one point, and to give link his props didn't he get the full triforce in the snes zelda that would put him up there if that counts though he didn't try to empower himself. But seriously I'm too unfamiliar to say..