Carnage vs. Gohan

Gohan stared confused at the figure that stood before him. This figure was none other than Carnage.

Carnage, "The more carnage the merrier!!"

He morphed his fingers on his left hand into blades before swinging at Gohan, trying to cut the boy to peaces. Gohan quickly flew backwards, getting out the way, causing Carnage to stab the ground.

Carnage smiled before pulling his hands from the ground, "I must admit boy you are fast --" Carnage rubbed his bladed fingers, "But you will fall to CARNAGE!!!!" Carnage swung at the boy many times, Gohan managed to dodge them all before pulling his right fist back and..BOOM!

Gohan punched Carnage in the face, sending him flying. Carnage flew until he came to a skid stop, Carnage sat up rubbing his head, "The hell..."

Suddenly a golden aura surrounded the boy as his hair flickered yellow. Carnage pointed at his hair, "Is it just me or is your hair flickering yellow"

Gohan yelled as he turned SSJ2, Carnage busted into laughter before dashing towards Gohan, "You think turning you're hair blonde will do anything?"

Carnage swung at Gohan, "YOU WILL STILL DIE!" the maniac stared puzzled, "Huh?" Gohan blocked the blades with two fingers.

Gohan punched Carnage in the face, the symbiote seemed to splatter against his fist. Carnage yelled out in fury before retaliated by leaping onto Gohan and slicing at him, Gohan dodged all the slashes once again before grabbing Carnage. Holding the maniac up above his head, Gohan ripped Carnage in two!

He threw the halfs to the ground, they quickly turned to symbiote before slithering away. Gohan turned towards it and watches it slither until it was unseen, Gohan then faced foward once again and walked off into the distance.

Winner: Gohan

Posted by Goji64

Ok guys now that you've read this you think I should bring my fights to comicvine?

Posted by Nefarious

Read the rules. 

Posted by Mercy_

Switching this into fan-fic as it's not actually a battle.

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Posted by nickzambuto

@Goji64 said:

Ok guys now that you've read this you think I should bring my fights to comicvine?

I think you might misunderstand the purpose of this site. If you want to actually write up fights, you can go to the fanfiction section of the site. With the battle forums however, you simply make a thread stating two or more characters who will fight, set up some guidelines (I/E location of the fight, mind set of the combatants, etc), and ask who wins. Other posters than come in and state who they think wins, with reasoning to back it up, and if we're lucky we might get a debate going.

Posted by k4tzm4n

@Goji64: Sorry, man, but it's against the rules to do magna/anime vs comic book characters here. They never go well. That said, it sounds like you'd have a blast with the fan fiction section if you enjoy writing fights like this.