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A young street urchin who broke into Wayne Manner in search for valuables to steel and food. While digging through a drawer Batman catches him and turns him into the Police. Batman then puts Xavier in a school that he thinks will fix him. While staying in the school Xavier realizes Bruce is Batman. He manages to escape the school and stays in an abandoned apartment. Xavier helps Batman during a fight against the Riddler, Bruce realizes Xavier could make an excellent crime fighter. But before he can asks Xavier about it the boy yells at him for putting him in the school and tells Batman that he knows he's Bruce Wayne. Batman tells Xavier he can be Robin if Xavier does not tell, Xavier eagerly accepts. After months of training Xavier is skilled enough to become Robin.

Days in the Ninja Academy

After fighting the Joker alongside Batman Xavier is interested in him. And after a month of research he discovers the Joker was the killer of his parents. Xavier is enraged by this and attempts to escape Wayne Manner, but he realizes that he isn't skilled enough to face the Joker after the chilling thought of Jason Todd's death. The next day Xavier discovers a Ninja Academy and begins secretly training there daily. After a few months Xavier graduates, unfortunately that's when Bruce finds out. Bruce scolds the boy, but then says this might help him in crime fighting so he is forgiven. A week later Xavier escapes Wayne Manner and begins his pursuit for the Joker.

Xavier: Path of Destruction

The next morning Bruce discovers a note in Xavier's room explaining he had gone in pursuit of the Joker. While on the journey Xavier has taken a few pit stops fighting robbers, gangs, and mob bosses. This trail of destruction allows Batman to track Xavier. Xavier finds the Joker in a abandoned carnival. Xavier attacks, proving superior and nearly killing the Joker. Batman walks in to find Xavier choking him. Batman gets Xavier off the Joker, and explains to him why not to kill. Then together they both defeat the Joker.

Breaking the Dynamic Duo

Bane returns to Gotham, and is now interested in killing Batman as well as Robin. He breaks some villains free from Arkham Asylum free to distract them. The dynamic duo return home tired to find Bane. "Bane..." "Batman..." Xavier then hears a banging on the closet door. He opens it to find a tied up Alfred. Xavier frees Alfred then the dynamic duo engage Bane. They fight and Bane proves stronger than before, he picks up Xavier and prepares to deliver the final boy to the boy wonder. But suddenly Bane feels something hits his back, he turns around to see Alfred with a bamboo stick. Xavier takes this change to throw a shuriken into the back of Bane's neck. Infuriated, Bane turns towards the boy wonder and tries to hit him, but hits the table behind Xavier. Meanwhile Batman had aimed a Batarang at Bane's neck. He threw it into Bane's already injured neck, bringing Bane to his knees. Xavier got in a battle stance and approached Bane, "Let's get him while he's down!" Xavier punches Bane across the face sending him to the ground. "Good job Xavier, now come on, lets call the police." The three walk towards the phone, meanwhile Bane's fingers twitch.

The next issue opens with Batman reaching for the phone, suddenly a piece of wood flies past him and pierces the wall. The three turns to see Bane rising, he charges, punching Alfred across the face, flooring him in an instant. Xavier leaps up and kicks Bane in the face, sending him stumbling back, Xavier then punches at him rapidly. Bane smiles before sandwiching Xavier's head with his fists. As Xavier fell to the ground he fired a shuriken at Bane, Bane dodged, expecting Xavier to do that. Batman picked up the table and threw it onto Bane. Bane staggered backwards before charging Batman, Batman threw a Batarang into Bane's stomach, blood seeped from the wound. Yet Bane continued forward, punching Batman across the face, sending Batman into the wall. Batman leaps up and roundhouse kicks Bane's head. Bane shows little damage before elbowing Batman into the wall, Batman is knocked out.

Batman awakening to find Bane

Batman awakens several hours later to find Bane sitting in a chair waiting for him. The two engage and the battle ends up on the roof in the rain. Bane lifts Batman up above him and prepares to throw him off. Before he does he says"I broke you once --- I can break you again!" Bane throws Batman off the roof. "Batman is no more. I have destroyed him. I rule these streets! I rule Gotham." Down stairs Alfred and Xavier awaken, they see Bane is gone and call out for Bruce but get no answer. Xavier steps outside into the rain to find a shocking scene, in the rain, in the mud, lies Batman's broken mask.

"He-he...he killed him...the last father figure I had..." Xavier goes into the batcave, "And I will avenge him..." A week passes as Bane takes control over all of Gotham's gangs, meanwhile Xavier's been spending this time training in Batman's armor. Xavier confronts Bane on a street, and the two engage. Bane and Armored Xavier prove to be equal.

The armor Xavier wears

Bane gains the upper hand and tries to kill Xavier when suddenly a Batarang stabs into his shoulder. Bane turns around to see Batman, in his Batman vs. Predator armor. Batman and Bane quickly engage, Batman proves himself superior. Once Bane is defeated he is glomped by Xavier who cries in his arms, "Don't you ever leave me again..." "I'm here Xavier..I'm here..."

Possible Futures

Xavier, the new Batman

In the future Xavier becomes Batman and unlike Bruce Xavier isn't afraid to get a little blood on his hands.

The current boy wonder was a street urchin named Alvaro. Xavier discovers him about to be mugged, remembering how hard it was before Bruce found him and if Xavier didn't take him in he could end up being in some of Gotham's gangs. He watches the boy fight and defeat the gang, he is destined to become Robin. So Xavier takes the boy in and with months of training Alvaro becomes Robin.

Alvaro, the new Robin