The top 4 Kings of DC universe

Each one is unique. Adam Hughes is a cover artist and a personal hero of mine! But Jim Lee is the king of DC comics / universe period! I dare you to argue with that FACT! Jack Kirby however is the father of DC universe, and should never be forgotten! Finnally Frank Miller. Why does he make the top 4 list? Becouse he made Graphic novels what they are today and not just DC universe graphic novels, ALL GRAPHIC NOVELS, and I am very very inspired by this person. These are my Heroes and my Top 4 influences through everything I do in art and comic books. Thanks guys. For everything you do, and everything you have inspired me to do! Thank you!

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Posted by goosehorn

no no no!!!!!!  all wrong ,except for AH!  
jim lee hell no..all hes done is draw overratted books!!!  
jack kirby..REALLY!!! yes hes done some projects with dc...but to call him a king of dc.NO 
as for frank miller.sure he drew the dark knight returns and yes it was simply awe inspiring..but again no king 
you call yourself a fanboy of dc but yet ,you still fall to understand what it means and who would be considered as a king of dc comics..its safe to say you dont know a thing about comics!!