Top 8 Comic Book Movie Theme/Score

I always wanted to do a Comic Book movie theme songs, because I felt that this is the way to really translate a fictional character to the big screen, make it more believable. This is list is solely based on my opinion and the how well the tone relate to the character or the movie.

8) "Main Theme" , by Craig Armstrong(The Incredible Hulk)

IMO, this is the most underrated Marvel movie, but never mind, lets talk about the theme song. This is the main theme of TIH, composed by Craig Armstrong. The reason it's up here it's because the tone started at 0:07 . When I listened to this, I felt the vibe of Bruce Banner, unstable emotional state, boiled with angers and about to transform into the Hulk!. Especially at 1:26 .

7) "Main Theme" , by Danny Elfman (Spider-man 2002)

This is the first Spiderman movie, and honestly, the 1st Marvel movie I paid to watched in Theater. The movie is mediacore, casting is weak, but what got me so hype up is the Main Theme itself. Pay attention starting at 0:26 , you can imagine Peter crawling on walls and leap through buildings. In fact, I used to playing this music in the background when I crawling on the floor pretend to be Spidey :)

6) "Training" , by Henry Jackman (X-men 1st Class)

I know, I know, X-men trilogy should be the X-men theme in this list, but hey, if you really listen into this score, you would be real surprise. The tone is great, the rhythm is just right for the movie. You can feel the Training scene.

5) "Rise" , by Hans Zimmer (The Dark Knight Rises)

Of course, TDKR theme song. Although the movie is filled with plot holes, the theme managed to bring audience to join Batman into a noble mission to save Gotham City. As brilliant as always, Hans Zimmer composed the score so good that the tones can communicate with the audience. I felt the Score is more about Gotham City rather than the cape crusader. Nevertheless, this score deserved to be on 5th.

4) "Driving with The Top Down" , by Ramin Djawad (Iron Man)

Okay, Okay, This is my favorite Movie theme song. I used to play this music at the black ground when I am doing homework (very efficient btw) At 0:07 , you can really picture Stark in his lab, designing the Armor and stuffs or doing some cool tech. The tone is so attractive that make you believe that you actually in the Lab! and make you want to enroll in Engineering. At 0:32 , you can imagine Stark is suiting up the armor, and shit just got real!.

3) "Arrival to Earth" , by Steve Jablonsky (Transformers)

If you're listening to this, the Score sounds ordinary at the beginning, you will start to doubt why it deserve to be on the list. But then at 0:48 , BAM! the tone starts. Suddenly you'll feel the whole Apocalypse thingy. It definitely deserve to be 1 of the best.

2) "Batman" , by Danny Elfman (Batman 1989)

You're not a real comic book movie fan if you haven't heard the original Batman (1989) theme by Danny Elfman. This score is composed by Danny Elfman, again...yes, that guy is a music prodigy, he composed the best Batman theme, the one that represent the Cape Crusader. You can picture Batman chasing bad guys in the score, the tone, the rhythm...and anything from the score is so perfect, that I had heard it almost a hundred times. This score definitely be the 2nd place on this list.

And the 1st Place goes to.........


"Superman" , by John Williams (Superman)

Nee I say more? The 1st superhero in the world, one of the strongest superhero in fictional history. This theme is composed by the Legend, wait for it....Dary... John Williams. This is the best movie score of all time. Whenever you heard this tone, you think of Superman or Vice Versa.

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