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" WWH>Doomsday>Hulk "

very true. wwh is badass but not compared to doomsday.

this by far is the nuttiest thing i have ever seen on the vine.



WarHulk, CosmicHulk>>>>>>> Doomsday

Doomsday=> Savage Hulk (Savage could amp to stronger than Doomsday), ProfessorHulk

Doomsday> Grey hulk

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Considering that the scan says "As if often with the world's fastest mutant" it suggests that such a level of speed is standard for him, which does not sit well with your claim about isotope E or X or whatever. Jean is irrelevant. The narration states that Quicksilver's standard reaction is faster than thought, irrespective of her actions in those scan.

The Isotope E upgrade was the only time Quicksilver was ever shown to be faster than the speed of thought, an as i pointed out the scan contradicts itself saying that quicksilver is moving faster than the speed of thought, when jean was actually able to use a psionic probe and was able to get feedback from it, but due to the ambush so she was stopped (prep time). You're trying to use a plot device and bad writing to prove your point and not really proving it at all. I agree both Jean and quicksilver are irrelevant. And i i don't really see your point in bringing them into the discussion, also Quicksilver was technically the fastest mutant , until Northstar got his upgrade, and Speed and Verlocidad was introduced, but in context of that scan it is correct, still in the context of speedsters he was not the fastest which was proven in the race to the Moon, Makkari is. That's neither here nor there.

And is Daredevil faster than Wonder Woman too? No

You seem to think Amazo was already speaking from the moment Wonder Woman moved, there is no indication of that. Even more so considering that Amazo's internal thought process could only form a single letter before Wonder Woman tied him up. It went from "situ" to situa" and Flash himself remarked on her speed. It's not shown in that scan when she actually moved. Which yet again is hard to determine really at what speed she is moving which is what i said in my previous post. Her feats are vague and very loose to interpretation, which in the wrong hands can just be down right ludicrous

But I am going to set aside all that for the time being because her reactions do not even have to be all that high to deal with this bunch. She can block dozens of bullets at once with her bracers. Show me one reaction feat from this bunch that can compare, because all of them generally have poor to average reaction time from all that I have read. I don't know why you think the speed of thought is this unattainable barrier. It can and has been measured in mere milliseconds. It's not that fast. You talk about her out reacting people than you bring up bullets, seriously that doesn't even make sense. All of the people on the Marvel roster can react faster than bullets, Hulk's can dodge and catch missiles and heavy projectiles which are much faster than bullets, if that's your standard it's a slow one. One example Storm's reaction has stopped bullets from firing from the barrel of the gun by freezing it before it even got out. Much faster than dodging bullets with bracelets, but not only that having the ability to manipulate the moisture in the air to such a degree, and in such a small space also displays a great deal of control and precision to get the job done before anyone ever knows it. Storm has performed this feat on a revolver and a high powered Wankanda Rifle dropping the barrel temperature to -200 degrees in less than seconds.

Several 1000 miles, that's nice. Setting aside the fact that that is travel speed, not reaction speed, Wonder Woman has flown from the Earth to outer space in the time it took Aquaman to give Zum a seizure, which was about 10 seconds at best, making it both a faster speed and a greater distance. And that is not even close to being her best travel speed, it is just the first thing I encountered. I believe i know this instance you're referencing to as well, and WW was barely out of the outter most atmosphere, you're making it sound like she was far away from the earth when she wasn't. It's not as impressive as you're making it out to be, Storm has done this in Xtreme men when recovering from her assault from khan, and she was injured at the time.

Storm is not faster than a conscious thought, nor are her reactions unconscious. That is just Claremont's usual WIS at work. There is no such thing as faster than a conscious thought for base humans, which is what Storm is. Her supposedly unconscious reactions didn't help against Sauron, didn't help her against Transonic, didn't help her against Valkyrie, didn't help her against Osborn's goons, didn't help her against her own husband. Why would they help her against Wonder Woman, exactly?

PIS? it's not PIS in the face of consistency. Often Storm powerset is downplayed for the sake of story, Storm has only really cut loose twice, both due to conscious restricts of her powers being lifted. first was Roguestorm, Second was when Rachel lifted her conscious block of her powers to force storm to create a storm that covered the entire hemisphere. Once with the Galactic core when she was willing to die and she did this consciously. Storm's powers has always worked subconsciously, whether it's protecting her from vampire attacks via the weather striking them down with lighting, or her generating more energy than the sun to completely destroy her enemies, or when her wind kicks in to protect her from falling or impact. Or creating electromagnetic fields to prevent telepaths from getting inside her head. There are far more instances of her powers working subconsciously than you would give credit to support your weak claims. The reason in majority of the instances you listed, it didn't work that way again was due to plot, and the fact that they downplay Storm's good nature and her pledge not to kill, but in this instance storm is bloodlust, so that doesn't really fly in this situation.

As already stated, I don't need to get into that for this bunch. The reason you don't need to get into it is because it's true, her feats are vague, and there is no real counterpoint to it, you simply can't prove otherwise, except for hearsay from other characters, and fights with other charachers (via superman or zoom or flash or amazo etc) with No real on panel proof at all of what she's actually doing.

What mysterious powers changing? I have seen nothing from Ms. Marvel that can put her in Wonder Woman's league. The fact that after she was resurrected that she was getting stronger, it's mysterious because it hasn't been explained why this is occuring to her yet. That i'm aware of. I believe it was Reed who examined her.

Prove it. Storm could easily amp Ms. Marvel to levels of power far stronger than her normal state by feeding her energy.

Also you were suppose to be proving that she's faster than the speed of thought, but he got out "situ", before she could even react, which again doesn't prove she's faster. Not only that he nearly got out a full sentences, again thought should be much faster than speech, yet somehow in this scan you provided it's completely backward, which doesn't even make sense.

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@CitizenBane: Quicksilver was only ever faster than the speed of thought when he took isotope E or X i don't really recall the name. And he didn't really move faster than Jean's psionic probe, it clearly states she was getting feedback from her psionics probe, which means it actually did go off.

" Wonder Woman is miles faster than anyone here considering Ms. Marvel needed 2 hours to travel 700 miles while Diana has outreacted a JLA-buster Amazo with speed nearing Flash's level."

This statement means absolutely nothing, unless an actual speed was stated which in majority of WW speed showings, it isn't. And if you're referring to the instance i think you are, Amazo actually got out several words and WW only interrupted him in the middle of his sentence, if she was truly as fast as you say she was, he wouldn't have even been able to do that. thinking of words, and forming sentences, should be much slower than the speed of thought. As i said before there has never been an instance that showed WW was faster than the speed of thought, if you have one post it, and the context of it.

Storm traveled several 1000 miles to the savage land in a matter of minutes, and her reactions can be purely unconscious without her being aware of them both defensively and offensively. Which is even faster than a conscious thought.

The problem with WW is that she doesn't have a defined speed, or defined strength, several instances with no clarification or either, she's not faster than the speed of light or and has never been shown to be as a lot of people on this site seem to think. She fast but the actual limit is up in the air. Also Ms. Marvel stats has increased as of late due to her mysterious powers changing, it's more than probable that Ms. Marvel could match her in speed depending on circumstances in this fight.

That's all i'm really going to say to you.

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sentry vs superman- supes has not been in the sun for 2 days

silver surfer vs captain atom

world war hulk vs martian manhunter

hawkeye vs green arrow- original GA current hawkeye both have full set of regular and trick arrows

black bolt vs green lantern- kyle rayner

spiderman vs aquaman- no trident for aquaman no webs for spiderman aquaman cant make waves

batman vs black panther-both have there usual gadgets no extra

each team has 5 day prep takes place in on a indestructible planet

all winners from each team fight each other

who wins

^ is the original post.

it doesn't say superman was sun-dipped for 2 days i don't know where people got that, it says he hasn't been in the sun for 2 days. SS would stomp Atom it's just a fact. WWH sorry has more experience fighting than MM, has pretty much telepathic Immunity at this stage, and can amp to stronger point. MM is not beating him two of his main powers which are intangibility and Telepathy are useless against this Hulk, he would have to go with pure strength, and he doesn't win there either. I don't really care enough for hawkeye or green arrow. Kyle would beat Black Bolt, i have no doubt he could use his lantern shields to hold of BB voice, but i don't think it will be an easy win. Aquaman would beat Spiderman, pretty easily. BM v. BP would be an amazing fight with no clear winners, they are both prep masters, as well as expert fighters, this fight would come down to the wire, and is damn near impossible to call.

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@chriconz123: yes Rogue does, that's how rogue's powers work. She gets the skills and the knowledge when she touches them. And WW isn't more durable than the Hulks, especially when their durability is combined. WW can be killed with a sword or arrow, if she doesn't deflect them, she can take kinetic force better than sharp ones. Nor is WW that Fast, it's clears she can move above the speed of sound, but she can't go at the speed of light. Ms. Marvel could possibly match her in speed. And she is not faster than the speed of thought.

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what flash is he even fighting? has that even been stated because i must have missed that in the OP?

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Bloodlusted could Storm Solos, But WW couldn't beat a Bloodlusted She-Hulk, Red She-Hulk, and Savage She-Hulk, on top of that Rogue would also Solo, one touch, and she has WW powers, then if she doesn't let go This should KO or Weaken her beyond her being to survive the encounter. But then again any sharp weapons could Kill WW. WW doesn't have speed, but she's not shown to be faster than thought, Storm could Erect a Pressure Shield around the party, and forcibly rip the air out of WW's body if this doesn't kill her, which is should then... That shield would not go down easily, it could within the force of exploding mountain with no problem. And Storm is a good multi-tasker with her powers. If WW somehow got pass the shield. Rogue by this team would be able to absorb the durability of all three Hulks while leaving them with enough power to still talk on WW. They go Melee of course, She touches WW face with her fist or vice versa, and Rogue now has WW's powers. WW is weaken and Rogue holds on or counters with another punch. More of WW's powers gone with every blow, and she holds on until WW hits her away. Team Hulk, then proceed to pound the Stuffing out of her while Rogue recovers from the blow. Rogue get's back up, all three Hulks are holding WW, Rogue comes over and sucks the rest of the life out of her. Ms. Marvel isn't really needed but she is fast enough to prevent a speedblitz by WW.

WW loses. Team wins. Even if it doesn't play out that way Besides Beatty as Red She-Hulk, all of those ladies have been trained for combat, and are highly skilled fighters, they won't go down easy at all. Given the Fact also that Rogue absorbs not only powers but knowledge, and history, she would be just as skilled in fighter as WW is with one touch.

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Team1: loa takes Scorpion, he has not counter for her powers is dead pretty quickly, Shatterstar takes out Tombstone, although possibly physically stronger than Shatterstar, Shatterstar is a better fighter, has mystical blades that should be able to cut Tombstone, is faster and more agile, loa will be finished with scorpion pretty quickly so she could easily jump in this fight and help him end it faster, but i doubt Shatterstar would allow that. Longshot takes out Vermin fairly easily, Thunder beats down Rhino she's more agile, actually has higher durability, and her density control could have her dishing out serious pain.

Team2: If Kurt isn't allowed to teleport, I'd make him fight longshot, the both have comparable ability, but Longshot is stronger, and has luck powers, Nightcrawler would lose. Shatterstar would fights Blackpanther, only because this would be an epic battle but, current BP, doesn't have the stats to beat him after losing the heart-shaped leaf. but this would indeed be a good fight, also his healing factor will help. Also the fact that SS can shift his internal organs means he could completely avoid serious injury in this fight. I'd give Kraven to Thunder because nothing in his arsenal would really do anything to her, he's clearly outmatched, Not to mention she could completely prevent him from leaving the area but causing a shockwave. If Kraven had prep time maybe he would be able to come up with something that could stop her. Physically he just couldn't hurt her. Poor Crossbone draws the short straw with loa. if he keeps his distance he can avoid being killed but i don't image that thunder or longshot would be free to help her catch him.

Team3: Shatterstar vs. Vemon, easy win this will end quickly, his vibrating shockwave should knock the vermon symbiote off Flash long enough for him to snap his neck like a thanks giving turkey or cut his heart out. Longshot has the agility and the luck to knock Green Goblin off that glider, and LS would then take him out from there. Luck might have it that he throws his little dagger weapons and hits a bomb attached to GG wrist taking him out effortlessly. Loa vs. Steel Serpant, it's clear she wouldn't be able to beat him in a fair no powers fight, but he wouldn't be able to hit her without losing and arm or leg, he'd lose this one. Thunder, puts out a might shockwave, when punisher stumbles, she sits on him and increases her density and crushes his chest.

Team4: toughtest battleLizard vs Loa because i like putting her with lizard people. Lizard is pretty smart so he may be able to outfox her in a long fight, but him not knowing the extent of her powers at the beginning of the fight would be a complete handicapp she could end this quickly., Deadpool vs longshot because he will need a lot of luck to pull this fight off, I think Longshot would be able to Hold off deadpool the longest, because that he's immortal and can't really be killed. (not fair) LS powers will most likely have most of Deadpools crazy antic Backfire on himself giving LS a win, , Daredevil vs Shatterstar another very good fight, Luke Cage vs Thunder, Also another very good fight, Cage can actually be hurt given enough force, but I don't think he could produce enough force to actually combat with Thunder would be throwing at him.

Team 5: Sabertooth and Domino vs Longshot, better skilled than domino, dominio's luck powers tend to save her from almost being killed but still losing, often it may do something cool, but not on par with LS's. Longshot also has the ability and fight skill to beat Sabertooth who's less tactic at times and more brute force. Beside getting killed tends to downgrade your status as a badass. Thunder vs. Cable seeing that cable without outside help wouldn't have been able to take Red Hulk. I think sense he doesn't have that help from sanction x, Thunder would win this one, Scarlet Spider vs. Shatterstar, Kaine is a bad ass, and Shatterstar would enjoy this fight. this fight would be hard to call. Loa vs. X23, X obviously better fight but is melee only so she's lose and how!. This free Loa up to help with Scarlet spider or kill ST again.

leaving work that's all for now.

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Apocalypse can turn his body into any substance he wants, not only that I seriously Doubt that BB can affect Celestial Tech at all. Not to mention he can go intangible. Can create force fields, phase, teleport, use telekinesis, can increase his density to near infinite levels, so literally if he wanted to just sit there and tank the blow he could. Also he could assault BB on the astral plane.