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@Godabed: With some difficulty, I think Manitou can win,one of his powers is see the future (well this it will not help to attack, but can help defend itself),iIf I had not posted BRF unabled,Manitou will send Ares to spiritual place,where he usually spends his time and if Manitou being killed,he will return in spirit form.

Sister Superior doesn't have healling factor,she can be affected by Draken's pheromones,but her arms have many weapons to K.O him. If her lose,still has Menagerie against him,her alien parasitescan be used for various purposes like paralyze and possibly '' turn off'' his healing factor,not to mention that she has numerous of them on his body and over her commands,they can reach the entire team and she can also secreted acidic blood.

Unfortunately,I also do not know much about the dimensional tech,but if he can not affect it, Colcast can create a huge EMP to destroy her mind or link with Earth's magnetic field to increase his powers,Cold Cast is who can take Iron Patriot off from the battle,quickly.

During the One Year Later event,Green Arrow hired Natas (deathstroke's master) totrain him in all forms of combat (hand to hand and armed),after arduous training and have faced all the mercenaries hired by his master and became excellent martial artist, he's is almost par with his son Connor and also is a swordmaster and tactical leader.In a matter of who has the best sight they are on a par, but in a matter of martial arts,the best to face it is Cassandra Cain he was trained to be the next Lady Shiva,with morals off she's a beast.

About Major Disaster ,I'm apologize with you,i forgot..he can manipulate the chaos probability,not just create disasters,with morals offhe may sink the island with everyone together or as CosmicSpiral said, bringing a shower of meteors,but yeha agreed Sentry can take him to space or worse rip in half.

One question if Sentry is immortal,how Thor kil him??

By your own rules, if manitou is killed, that is considered a lost, whether he can come back or not. This fact would kind of put Sentry in a questionable state, because he actually has Regenerative powers and can control his molecular structure on a subatomic and atomic level, consciously and unconsciously as he has done when supposedly killed by Molecule man. So i'll ask for definition sake, what would be considered death to you?

Sister Superior would have to hit draken first, and if she is KO, even if her weapon are automated, technically she still loses. I would say, since her weapons can maneuver on their own, they would best be used for defense instead of offense, easily in critical areas like protecting her back, and lower striking areas. I don't know how her conscious control with the arms automation. if the pheromones are putting her in a confused state, and she is consciously trying to use her owns do you think the arms will take control away from her? Being that Wolverine's healing factor was taking out with nanomachine i'd say shutting off his healing factor is quite possible. But it took prep and prior knowledge of wolverine's physiology to pull it off, I can't recall an instance that didn't involve shutting down wolverine's mutant powers all together that stopped him from using his healing factor. Like in the latest addition of Xforce, the Omega team used his healing factor against him, if the parasites could do this somehow, Daken could be in real trouble, but again even that affect needed prep and prior knowledge to pull off.

For Coldcast, as i said i don't know if Noh Varr's tech properties, i do know that it's alien and other dimensional which mean it's highly possible that an EMP pulse will not work on it at all, but again without knowing that it's also possible that it might. If Coldcast, is up against Moonstone, her powers are the manipulations of gravity, so it would be an interesting fight indeed. I agree Iron Patriot would probably be the worst person to match him up with. I believe at this time she had two gravity stones and was way more powerful than normal.

Just time wise, shouldn't Deathstroke's master be dead... how old is Deathstroke???? but anyway, the GA and HE (BE) i have no idea about. I agree Cassandra Cain is a best and is my favorite batgirl.

The Chaos probability the way i understand it, is how he actually causes the disasters. When i think of how his powers work, it's kind of like Jamie Braddock (Psylocke's brother) he manipulate's qauntum thread which effect reality any many possible ways by manipulating the threads. to get a desired outcome. Yeah he could sink the island, but that wouldn't really do anything to the Dark Avengers, venom, daken, and ares would be fine, even if they didn't get a ride from one of the flyers. If anything that would piss Ares off more. Venom would web the closest flyer, and Daken could hitch a ride with moonstone. Sentry could easily evac the non flyers faster than the island could sink as well.

Thor didn't really kill him, The sentry wanted to die but of course found out that he would just come back anyway. It was just really a plot device to end the story.

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@Almighty_Darkseid: so when you say all versions of the hulk are you referring to Hulk/Banner or all the various types of Hulks, Like Red Hulk, She-Hulk etc?

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@CitizenBane: this from someone who equated Wonder woman's speed to dodging bullet's you are funny, really funny. (see i can do that too)

You're correct i did know of the one with Zum, and not the other two. I don't need to lie about that and I've never claimed all knowledge of the flashes. (like some people claim they know all about Legion, when they don't) I skipped the Wally era of the flash and was more Barry and Bart, and Justice league, Teen titans. But i can look up the other two instances, thanks for the references. Unless like you i can admit to not knowing something, and look up what i don't know.

the Power cosmic comes from the astral plane which actually does exist in several different comic universes (including DC) this is why the Silver Surfers powers would work on Batman. However the speedforce is not a fundamental element in any other comicbook universes, aside from DC. And it's only ridiculous to you because again you can't prove his powers would work the same anywhere else. I honestly don't even recall Wildstorm before they fully crossed over mention the speedforce once as prime energy source in their universe. If there is an instance of that please feel free to let me know. As far as the label of mutant, no it doesn't technically exist in DC but the Dc offshoot is Metahumans or people born with the Metagene. But the argument you could use is that the gene would not be instantly turned off because it is part of their DNA, if the person dna is not affected in anyway then their mutant powers should work. You can argue your point intelligently without being insulting to people. Mjolnir, the odinforce is within the hammer, not that the hammer is pulling energy from an external force in the universe, you could argue there is a difference.

By the way I'm not in my teen I'm in my 30's, and not having an open mind and being willing to approach a given subject at different angles is stupid.

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@The_Obsidian_Emperor: I guess you missed my breakdown. Thor was able to manipulate reality through high end magic. WarHulk, can nulify High end magic. Captain uni-Hulk can be boosted beyond levels of that of the Silver surfer, because the uni-powers work as they are needed, In this situation I'd take that to mean top tier. Maestro she already have already encounter a situation like this, and either have a way or know a way to beat it, due to his future knowledge. WB it's questionable exactly how thor's powers would affect him to a lesser degree WWH would be pretty much the same. Nul is a herald of Serpent, whom was more powerful Odin, it would be tough to say exactly what can or can not affect him.

Either way two of them have ways to counter RKT magical manipulation of reality.

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This is an interesting fight, there are several hulks that are non-factors, but some that would give RKT a run for his money. Here are the list of Hulks, this is assuming you're not talking about the various other hulks, like she-hulk or red hulk, Skaar, or Hiro etc.


World Breaker



Captain UniHulk

Nul Hulk

Professor Hulk

Devil Hulk

Savage Hulk

If this is 1 kill to win, then RKT could take out several of them, if it's permanent Kill to Win, the hulks will win out because they will just come back. Savage Hulk and Professor Hulk i think would be the easiers to kill, Savage can be a Beast if he's amped up enough, most of the hulk's impressive feat was done as savage.

This is where Thor would run into an issue. WarHulk with his celestial able to nullify high end magic. Captain Uni-Hulk, who's given the powers of Captain Universe, has enough power to complete his task and amp the user to untold levels. Nul Hulk, whom was a unstoppable force. WWH, whom had to be reverted with science in order to snap his neck, whom adamantium didn't even phase, with the intelligence of banner, and bad ass regenerative powers. WB, whom a planet destroying blast wouldn't even kill. Maestro said to be 100times stronger than the Hulk, smarter, and has killed every superhero in the future.

I would pay marvel good money to see this fight.

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@matchesmalone21 said:

@Godabed: Thanks,you also raised major issues and in great detail, my congratulations

Manitou Raven is a high level magician comparable with Gamemnae,he is more apt to face Ares and Moonstone,he can reproduce their powers thougth magic and can use the spell which he use to take JLA down and rip their souls. I almost forgot he can perceive magic beings too. And against Iron Patriot, and Noh-Vah Saliva has Coldcast,since he can manipulate electromagnetism , allowing him to manipulate particles on the subatomic level and can create his own eletromagnetic field,he can simply pull the armor by force and shut down the nanomachines. I think he'd be on the front line of attack, because then he would create a force field to protect the team or contain the power of the Dark Avengers,or create force field inside them... Maybe he team up with Sister Supeior to take both down.

Hawkeye (bullseyes) vs Green Arrow,this would be a good fight to watch. I know bullseye is the one of the best marksman in Marvel Universe,but in Dc Universe Green Arrow is one of the best,he already won Deadshot and Deathstroke more than twice...In this fight I do not dare guess, and they also have similar weapons.Or who knows Hawkeye (bullseye) vs Kasumi (Cassandra Cain),her fighting skills and body reading ability, it would be difficult for him.

I think the Sister Superior and Major Disaster can defeat theVenom,Draken and Sentry,Venom would be easier thanks to his weakness to heat and Sister Supeiora can shoot various types of energy and can take Draken too,I do not know if she is able to resist the pheromonesbut still her arms, already demonstrated that they can act alone.

Major Disaster vs Sentry,this is a really hard fight...but beyond create natural disasters,Major can cause heart attacks, nose bleeds, and even making people trip up,his powers doesn't have limits and (i forgot this) has a force field to redirect attacks. Defeating Sentry with a heart attack, it would be kind of ironic but effective

I am glad that I took Wally from the fight, and does not include the other costume they wear (with the same technology as the Shadow Thief suit)

You again bring up a very good point, but Raven wasn't able to perform his high level of magic, against Gamemnae without the JLA scarificing themselves, and using Kyle's heart and the JLA souls to pull it off. Also Future Raven and Past Raven were fighting Gamemnae at the same time because Gamemnae bond with the city was so strong with two different JLA teams in the future and past. However i don't think he's be able to use a God's soul like he could use the JLAs, Olympian, when they are killed should retain his life essence, I would think only a Hell God would be able to manipulate that. When his body dies he would most likely End up in the fields of Elysium. Which is just a little different from Asgardian because Hela takes their souls very quickly or Valkyries. I think Raven would have his hands full with the God of War, Ares is pretty durable, and pretty quick, plus the Magnitude of weapons he could use. If any of his weapons are Olympian in origin, they could have magical properties of their own.

Coldcast would be a bad matchup for Iron Patriot, but would still be a good fight for Noh-Varr with his Nega-bands, i'm not sure the properties of his other dimensional tech, so far they haven't really said, or his nanotech, so it would be pure assumption for me to say the would or wouldn't be affected by Coldcast, but this would be a really good fight.

Hawkeye (BE) vs. GA, i honestly don't know about this pairing, BE definitely knows many ways to kill people and his skills aren't limited to a bow, i haven't read much on GA, but i'll will take your word on DS and DStroke.

I'd still teamup MD with MS, he would have to catch off guard to be able to beat her. Sister Superior, she's definitely still part human, and would be affected by Draken's pheromones, she is part human her perception would be thrown off. Draken also has the muramusa blade in claw which kills superhuman healing factors, and his h2h skill and tactical knowledge is pretty impressive. I think he could take Sister Superior 1 on 1 and pull off a win. But I don't know much about her, even if her claws work on their own, they would have to beat out his healing factor.

Major Disaster would only be buying time because Sentry would get right back up, Sentry got up seconds later after having his face blasted off by Noh varr gauntlets turned into a blaster, unless he reverting Sentry to plain old Bob, he's going to have a hard time even keeping up with sentry. Sentry could in a blink of an eye snatch him and take him to outer space, and he's out of the fight. But not only that Sentry is a powerful telepath, and i don't think anyone on the JLE team can even resist telepathy. So that's trouble. Not to mention his matter manipulation, and he's truly immortal. Sentry is PIS incarnate.

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@IKnowEverything: Read below,without Wally the JLE has 4 thougth guys (non iclude Coldcast)

@Godabed: Agreed and in almost evrything,but JLE has Major Disaster,he can do any types of disaster he thinks,like earthquake,hurricanes,blackouts or even or make someone become infected with bubonic plague and can shoot lightining bolts form his hands. Manitou Raven is a handful magician,can do almost everything,would be funny to see the Dark Avengers face a magic cloud of crows, as JLA did. Against Draken pheromones has Menagerie's symbiotic alien parasites,they can be assembled to shift over the host to form various shapes and weapons such as claws, spikes or whips,enabled her to fly and can paralyze their victims and also can attack in groups, all controlled by her.

And has the Sister Superior,she has cybernetic arms which can shift and reform to several different weapons. Her most common form of attack is to turn both her hands into guns (ranging from energy to projectile guns),claws,knives..has holograms projector, which she can use for both on herself and to project images separate from herself, but her arms also house technology capable of interfering with how nearby nervous systems interpret sounds, textures and other things beside visual information

I'm using sentry for Dark Avengers and he can't use VOID

You bring up some good points, Major Disaster could be countered by Moonstone who could go intangible, and her manipulation of gravity would be a good counter. Manitou Raven could take on Ares, althought he's not shown to be an epic level magic user, i would think it would take high level magic to affect him to a great degree, also he does have some magical talents, and can sense magic. Noh-Vah (kind of forgot about him) would actually be a better match up for Menagerie, the biggest threat here is Plex, if he decided to use it, whom ever is susceptible to mind control would be a damage to the JLE team. Also Noh-Vah Saliva can give cause people to have delusions that he can control, and the Nanomachines in his body should make it hard for him to be paralyzed. I'd put Sister superior against Iron Patriot, Tony if she's wired should be able to hack her, or the Patriots speed arsenal should be a good counter. Dark Avenger Sentry was also the one from Siege, same person, even before the void actually shown after Sentry ripped Ares in half. But his showings were more badass in that series, and damn near unstoppable. I'd put Sentry vs. Flash, but i don't think Flash really has a way of beating him, regardless if he could sap speed from him. Still kind of leaves Draken and Venom, and Hawkeye (bulleye) blowing in the wind.

I think this is a very good setup for a fight. I will say one thing though, the Dark Avengers were never really fine oiled machine, that's one thing that really works against them. JLE could definitely pull off a win, and so could the DA, i don't think either would be easy.

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@Godabed said:

Also the other characters don't get their speed from the speedforce, he wouldn't be able to steal speed from them,

What nonsense. No such restriction exists. Superman and Black Adam don't derive speed from the Speed Force, Jay Garrick has stolen their speed without a problem.

here's what's nonsense, i asked a very easy question. How many times has flash used the IMP. Since you seem to think you know everything maybe you could answer it. I already know the answer but I'd like to hear it from an expert, just to make sure. Secondly I'd like actually proof that Wally can/has stolen speed from a character from the marvel universe, because there is a lot of speculation that in this thread, when both DC and Marvel universes work differently. Can you prove the speedforce which is what he usages to take people's speed will allow him to do this to a character from marvel, where it does not exist?

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@Rabbitearsblog said:

@FadeToBlackBolt said:
X-Men Origins: Cyclops
This definitely.

Not at all, Cyclops is more badass now then ever before, when he was chasing after jean. So glad she's dead.

Hope has horrible writing, Jubilee, Storm, Dazzler, Rogue (until recently), Gambit, Havok, Iceman, Beast ( I hate him now)

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@matchesmalone21 said:

@Mercy_: what can I do, he is a member of the team .... it's because you have to stop using it? isn't unfair

in Drak Avengers are 3 tough guy : Sentry,Venom,Ares and the girl (i forget her name), while in another only three: Flash,Major Disaster and Manitou Raven

But then you have a Spite post with no real Debate cause Wally will simply IMP and Teal Speed Force the other team to death. Hell Flash at this point is ranked higher than Superman of all people at this point. You just cant use him without it being unfair. You could A) Say Flash cant Steal Speed Force or IMP or B) Say The Other team knows what he can do and is prep for it. Otherwise this is another Flash Solos which is a Spite Thread.

How many time has Flash used the IMP? Also the other characters don't get their speed from the speedforce, he wouldn't be able to steal speed from them, he could do it with his team maybe, but that would only handicap the others. Depending on which version of sentry this is during Dark Avenger, if it's the one from the Siege. Nothing Wally can do is harming this Sentry. He would rip the flash apart. Ares, will be hard to put down as well, not to mention Moonstone who can go intangible. Wally doesn't solo here at all. Draken also has his pheromones, which would disorient his opponents without them even being aware of it. Venom and Iron Patriot will also be a handful.

This will be a tough fight.

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@Almighty_Darkseid: Wow that's holy inaccurate, Savage Hulk could stalemate and beat thor, and has shamed him on several times, so did Professor who fought Thor in Hela's domain and Professor Hulk too on WM thor. This just show how much you're bias and you don't know.

Cosmic/Captain Uni Hulk could completely destroy Doomsdays, because now he has flight and boosted abilities, WarHulk would also destroy Doomdays due to his Celestial Tech, which is embued with High end magic that could trump the power of Cryttorak

Despero was beaten by aquaman.... aquaman...

Thanos, is a cosmic being who can manhandle Sliver Surfer, and took on Odin, Tyrant, and owned the Marvel universe with the infinity gaunlets. The only time i ever recall Hulk fighting him, which was professor hulk is in infinity wars.

Hulk has High Telepathic resistence, WWH is immune to Telepathy because his rage was so High. Despero would get the tar beat out of him because without his hypnotic beam or telepathy he would have to brute force the Hulk which he couldn't.

You might want to look into the characters a little more making comparison that don't actually work.