GS' Thundercats Review: Episode 18 "Survival of the Fittest"

So the past couple of episodes have been pretty much just filler. I know some people may not like it but personally I loved both episodes. Last week we got Tygra's back story which revealed the cause of his jealousy and what sometimes comes off as resentment for Lion-O. This week we got filled in on Wilykit and WilyKat's origin story. What originally seemed like they were just orphans was revealed to be that after their father passed, they purposely ran away from home to find El-Dara so their mother could eat and their younger siblings (which surprised me actually).

The Good: I like that they are giving the characters' more in depth stories. I think it's good that even though the possible majority of people thought Kit and Kat were orphans, they expanded on their history and showed the reason why they want to find El-Dara and the reason they left was due to their not being enough food for even their mother to eat. I liked how they showed Kit and Kat's struggle to get food even in Thundera's slums. It was a good episode, the story was solid, the events that led Kit and Kat to leave were revealing to their characters. Also, I think an episode that didn't focus on Lion-O wasn't unnecessary but it was a nice touch to focus on someone else again.And the episode had a few good chuckles.

The Bad: I'm not a huge fan of Kit and Kat, never have been, but I do appreciate the story that was told and how it was told.


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Posted by Inverno

This is the best episode so far even though its filler doesn't necessarily mean is a bad thing. This episode showed the Thunderkittens had a reason to be in the story, what their whole deal. I didn't like them at first because it seemed like they are just along for the ride. What I really liked was Panthro and Cheetara teaching them how to be useful. Especially Cheetara because for once she is not the love interest, she is also the mother figure for the kittens. Most times character development needs precedence over the plot for us to care in the first place. The same thing for Native Son.

Nice review GS :-)

Posted by God_Spawn

@CaioTrubat: Thank you.

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Posted by ReVamp

The real question, is whether I should be watching this series. Sidenote: I hate Kit and Kat.

Posted by God_Spawn

@ReVamp: Do you really think I won't have a biased opinion on that question? Yes you should.

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Posted by ReVamp

I was thinking you'd give me an: "You should if you...." type answer.

Posted by cattlebattle

I liked the episode, despite what I thought before I watched it, 
btw...does anyone actually know the correct definition of filler.....I am not saying I do, but I would figure since this episode had development of centric characters, I wouldn't call it that...filler always makes me think of the Samurai Champloo episode where they review their adventures thus far...or the episode before the Last Airbender finale, you know episodes that recap or have nothing to do with the central story arc

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@cattlebattle: I do know the definition of filler. I think this episode was filler cause it didn't do much for the plot of the story. It deepened characters but still didn't do much for the plot except they revealed that Kit and Kat's mother is still alive and they ran away. But hey, it's my opinion if you disagree so be it.

Btw, I checked in for some new info on the rumors and some new facts about the series has surfaced. Toy sales are up for 1. And the ratings since moving to Saturday mornings for the show have more than doubled. So definitely good things.

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Posted by cattlebattle
@god_spawn: Got ya, I have heard people call things "filler" all the time, I personally have no idea what the exact description of it is, I would just have figured as long as the plot isn't something random, it wouldn't be considered. 
Thats good news, I wonder why it wasn't on the list of returning shows, possibly that list was not official.