GS' Thundercats Remake Season 1 Review

I wanted to do this a week ago but didn't get around to it. So this is my review of the first season of the show and I want to share my likes, dislikes and future hopes and expectations.


The show has a plot- I think this is what really made me happy about the show. As great as the old show was, it was a bit stuffy at times and was just villain of the day in almost every episode. I know the new series had a few episodes like that, but not as bad and I hope it doesn't turn out like the previous show did in that aspect. Like the Duelist episode, I think it was a pointless episode, but it played to show Lion-O's growth even though all it did for the plot was get supplies for the cats even if it was a cool fight and good episode. I think having a solid story line and direction vs a bunch of random little plots and who do we fight today kind of mentality is the main reason I like this more than the original.

Snarf doesn't talk- Oh thank God. Snarf in the old series was whiny and the Snart Snarf didn't help. Even though the new Snarf still says snarf and looks like a pokemon, he does it much less irritating way and Snarf is useful at times in the show.

Artwork- I think the artwork and new character designs is fantastic in the show. The entire show has had high quality visuals and it is almost like watching a movie at times. The artwork has been pretty consistent in this aspect as well. I love the new designs for the characters, I think it is refreshing they got rid of the belly shirt armor 80's Lion-O had. Mumm-Ra's transformation scenes, Cheetara blitzing, the visuals like watching the sword fire energy blasts are just awesome. The only new look I was originally against was Panthro's. He looked like a balding old school samurai kind of guy, but it fit well with his character's attitude and personality and grew on me.

Voice Actors- For the most part, I love the new voice actors. I think Will Friedle, Matthew Mercer, Emmanuelle Chriqui and Kevin Michael Richardson have done awesome jobs fitting their characters. The only actor I really have a problem with is the new Mumm-Ra, it doesn't even come close to the old Mumm-Ra's voice.


Mumm-Ra- Everything, I don't like his new voice, I think he is getting butt whooped too many times. Mumm-Ra in the original at least had some moments, but the new one is just pathetic. He comes on the scene and it's all done out nice and cooling looking then he gets the crap kicked out of him, Leo and Lion-O both did it. I think when they try to inject Mumm-Ra at certain spots of the show like inside the Astral Plane, he was useless.

Thunderkittens- I think the kittens are almost useless in the show compared to the old ones. The old Kittens had those capsules with various effects, but the new ones have this seemingly magical circle flute and WilyKat has this claw like string weapon, looks cool but hasn't done much with it. The kittens only seem to be there for comic relief like after eating the crack I mean candy fruit.

Inconsistency of Lion-O- Lion-O to me just seems to get ridden really high in the show or he gets stomped really bad. He got beat really easy by the Duelist in the original fight then completely turned the tide on him in the second fight with the willows are weak thing. Then he gets beat by Mumm-Ra in episode Tower of Omens, then in the Legacy episode confused me. Is he just reliving his ancestor's memory or was actually just in his ancestor's body and doing the memories himself through the body? Jaga did say if he failed he would be shut out of the book. Anyways he beats Mumm-Ra despite Mumm-Ra being super amped with only one stone then uses two stones and kicks him around even easier. Then his big fight with Tygra, despite all this growth, he got his butt whooped. Tygra really just mopped the floor with him. I understand Tygra is supposed to be superior to him, but I didn't think he would lose that bad. Then 5 minutes later he gets the stone and one shots Mumm-Ra.

Tygra's redemption- I think this was handled kind of poorly. Tygra for the first 10 episodes went between jerk and background character. He played less of a role than Snarf at times or the Kittens. Then all of a sudden he loves Cheetara though no sign of it but a slight stare in episode 2, his mouth open in episode 6 when she ran up the walls to fight Mumm-Ra and then he gets so jealous though they seemed to tease Lion-O and Cheetara for most of the series? Then he gets all jealous, Lion-O gets cocky and then the flash back is shown, Tygra gets even more jealous then proceeds to beat Lion-O easily and gets the girl and he will never betray Lion-O? Tygra is my fave character in the new show, I just hope he gets a bigger role or more use in the show.

Future Hopes and Expectations.

Future characters- I know they have some future characters in the show, I heard they will have Pumrya in the show and I would really like to see if they bring in Bengali. I think he could be interesting and maybe even fight Lion-O or something, sword vs hammer. I'd also like to see if or how they bring back Grune. I think he had potential and was a better adversary than Mumm-Ra at times.

Aging- I heard a rumor over at a different forum site for Thundercats and apparently it is confirmed around Wondercon or before it? The rumor is supposed to be the characters age. I think more specifically the question asked is if Lion-O will be aged. They said Lion-O will age and it will be a natural aging. I for one would be happy but I think it depends how they go about it. If it is just Lion-O who ages, I wouldn't like that, I think it gets rid of development and uses for the other characters who would be just stuck at their original looks and ages like the original series did. I think it gets rid of the Lion-O/Tygra brother angle. I like that Tygra is above his brother (for now) but Lion-O becomes aged to that of like his father or mid twenties and he is taller than Tygra, bigger than Tygra, stronger than Tygra and you expect me to believe Tygra stands a chance now? It just ruins that whole angle which I think has played an important part at certain turns in the series and just throws it all away. I think it would lose the chances of the kittens being a bit older and losing the ability to become useful instead of just jumping around or using the magic circle fruit, even in the old ones they showed a bit of maturity at times. If Tygra and Cheetara are just stuck at the age they are now, it could lose potential abilities they may gain. In the old series Cheetara had that sixth sense and I haven't seen the new one use it yet except a possible hint in episode 6 when Lion-O summons the T-cats and her eyes glow gold and it was only her. I think it loses a chance for her to show or gain more abilities in the use of magic that clerics are supposed to wield. I think Tygra loses the chance for his mental abilities like the old one had. Maybe he must age into, idk same for Cheetara, maybe they have to age into those powers. Tygra was also a brilliant architect and I think showed some engineering ability in the 80's, maybe he will learn from Panthro how to build. He does love his pistol and tried hooking the Book of Omens to the tank even though he failed showing possible hints he could grow into that aspect. The only character that doesn't really need the aging is Panthro, it wouldn't benefit or hurt him that much if at all. I just hate if development focuses on one character and it screws the others out of potential and since there is only like 6-7 main characters, it isn't a whole clan of characters they have to do it to. Since the rumor is natural aging, and if it has been truly confirmed, I hope all the characters show it, not just Lion-O.

So these are my thoughts and hopes for the season and future of the show. I love the new show even more so than the original and I do hope some of the future expectations happen.

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