GS Review: Thundercats Episode 21 "Birth of Blades"

The Good: The episode did very well at pushing the story line along. I thought it was pretty cool how the blades came to be created. I thought the Mumm-Ra vs Lion-O fight wasn't as one sided anymore. Mumm-Ra for the past while has been going through exactly what his 80's incarnation faced and that was being a major chump. It was just sad to see Mumm-Ra get trounced throughout the series and his lackeys end up doing better. Seeing him with the Sword of Plun-Darr seemed to finally make things more even. Pumyra isn't a jerk anymore by the end of the episode which is good. It is safe to say she is now a full team member and I am happy at that. The dialogue was good, the effects were awesome as usual and the story is back on track. So far, no disappointment.

The Bad: While it was cool to see the swords were created, I felt like the episode spent too much time on it. Also, Pumyra is bi-polar. She is mean the first time we see her (understandable), mean yet much nicer to Lion-O the next episode then back to angry, I hate your guts at Lion-O. So I'm glad at the end of it they seemed to move past that.

Overall: Good episode. It pushed the story line. Mumm-Ra obtaining the sword will hopefully balance out future fights with them instead of him jobbing so often and even doing it in places that upped his strength (Astral Plane, his ship, The Black Pyramid). Outside of those places the fights seemed more balanced like at the ToO or in today's episode. If they can nail this the series is even more golden.


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Posted by ReVamp

Heh. I keep skimming through these and wanting to watch the series.

It sucks to see Cheetah and Tigro or whatever his name is though, I liked her with Lion-O.

Posted by God_Spawn

@ReVamp: How did you reply so fa....nvm.

I'm glad she is with Tygra. I know they were in the comic series and I believe it was hinted in the old series as well IIRC. Lion-O is probably gonna end up with Pumyra. They seem to be hinting at it heavily.

Posted by Fuchsia_Nightingale

@god_spawn: Nice review ^_^

Posted by ReVamp

@god_spawn: I'm ReVamp. /discussion.

Meh, I know. I guess its because I'm too early in the character development so Tygra seems like a douchebag and then naturally I would want for Lion-O to get the girl, if that makes sense. I'm assuming he becomes more likable towards the end of the series.

Posted by Dernman

I always saw her with Lion-O in the old series but then again Lion-O was my favorite and she was the only girl at the time.

Edited by God_Spawn

@ReVamp: Tygra was supposed to be like that at the beginning. We just know he was the cocky, arrogant older brother and jealous of Lion-O's claim to the sword and throne despite beating Lion-O in anything and everything since Tygra worked for everything, Lion-O was given it. And it seemed Cheetara was also that way too since it seemed like her and Lion-O clicked in the first season. Eventually she ends up with Tygra and we learn Tygra's jealousy and resentment was deeply rooted for another reason. Tygra was adopted. Lion-O's mother was thought to be infertile so when Tygra showed up the queen adopted him. She cared for Tygra and called him her prince but eventually was impregnated which caused her to become slightly more distant calling Tygra just darling instead of her prince anymore in away to set up that he wasn't gonna be the prince and it hurt him. During Lion-O's birth, the mother died and it hurt Tygra. So in Tygra's entire life he felt Lion-O took everything from him and he worked hard trying to show that he could end up being a great king. Tygra's mother gone due to Lion-O's birth. Tygra's original claim to the throne, gone cause it was Lion-O's. Sword of Omens, gone cause of Lion-O's blood right. Cheetara, almost gone due to how close she was with Lion-O (so Tygra thought). Tygra loves his brother and all but he develops quite a bit over the series and you see why he acted the way he did. I think it was kind of immature on his part since he is 20 years old in this series and Lion-O is 17 bordering 18 though.

@Dernman: I think a lot of people did really just cause of him being the main character and all.

@Fuchsia_Nightingale: Thx.

Posted by M-Demon

I don't know. Mumm-Ra can blow up an entire galaxy in mere seconds in order to obtain the material needed to craft a sword that makes him powerful? Sword or 2 Second Galaxy Blow-Up device? I'd take the latter.

Plot is a little too absurd to fully enjoy this show. Plus I'm getting tired of the guy who voices Panthro since he seems to have a voice on every cartoon on the planet with a big/black guy. He should have retired after Baldur's Gate...

Posted by Inverno

I have the feeling this series is going to be cancelled :-(

Posted by cattlebattle

All women are bi-polar LOL
I was really surprised to see that Will Friedle wrote this episode....that guy has come a long way from his days of being the voice of the greatest character ever created
Good episode, Thundercats has been rolling it out lately, I enjoyed Mumm-ra being an actual part of the story again as opposed to Behind the scene villain, I feel like too many shows do that these days

Posted by God_Spawn

@CaioTrubat: The ratings have doubled since moving to Saturdays and the sales for toys and merch have gone up not to mention they just recently started voicing for new episodes. I doubt it will be cancelled.

@cattlebattle: Agreed on the Mumm-Ra part. I was happy seeing him back as a threat like he was in the beginning like the Tower of Omens episode where he was dismantling the team then ever since then even in places that amp himself, he was just losing to Lion-O who still can't even beat Tygra.

Posted by DelScorc

Because this man looks like Panthro, Martian Manhunter, Shredder, Bishop, Bulkhead and the best of them all Kilowog. HAHAHA

Posted by God_Spawn

@DelScorc: How can you forget Principal Louis?

Posted by DelScorc

@god_spawn: Oh i forget tons i am sure, this guy has more characters voiced then i have had years of sentience.